Arizona Cardinals: Michael Floyd doesn’t get fan anger

Former Arizona Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd won a Super Bowl ring with the New England Patriots Sunday evening

I want to start off by saying I was a huge supporter of former Arizona Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd, even as his performance with the Cardinals this past season was below average. His drops grew tiresome though as the 2016 season wore on.

After a DUI arrest in December in Scottsdale, he was subsequently released after failing to apologize to the team and even reporting the incident to team officials in a timely manner. Two days later, he was a New England Patriot.

Now he’s a Super Bowl Champion.  On Tuesday, he tweeted his amazement on people being angry that he won a Super Bowl ring.

Sure, people are angry.  He should have gotten that ring in Arizona.  Certainly he wasn’t the only reason for the Cardinals failing to reach their 2016 goals.  However that combined with his actions in December, the Cardinals were really left no choice.

I tell you what.  I know I’m happy he’s off the Arizona streets right now.  I believe in second chances.

I believe in second chances after you’ve atoned for the mistakes you made in your first chance.  He hasn’t done that yet.  He almost went straight from a DUI to the Patriots roster.

He didn’t even apologize to the team that quite honestly probably held onto him a little longer than many would after not reaching the potential on the field many had hoped.  This also wasn’t his first go around with a DUI arrest.

Floyd was arrested in 2011 for a DUI.  The Cardinals managed to overlook that transgression and still were confident enough in Floyd to draft him.

Were the Cardinals going to let him go after the 2016 season?  Probably.  However he would have been let go without the assistance of drinking and driving, his character still in tact.

The bottom line is Floyd could have killed someone, including himself.  It was fortuitous that Scottsdale Police happened upon a sleeping Floyd at a stoplight early in the morning.

Floyd wonders why people are mad?  No, not mad here.  He got his ring.  He didn’t do much for it but he was part of the roster.  He gets a ring.

People are mad, I am mad that he got a ring without doing a single thing to deserve it other than get himself released a the right time.  New England needed an extra body at receiver.  Floyd fit the bill.

People are mad because he should have gotten that ring with Arizona.  Not the fact he got one at all.  It’s too bad he still doesn’t understand that.

I hope he gets his life in order.  I want to see him succeed.  I’ve been a fan since his Notre Dame days.  Right now though he needs to wake up before it’s too late for his career and more importantly, his life.

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