Arizona Cardinals: Carson Palmer not sharp

It wasn’t the best of days on Sunday for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer

In the Arizona Cardinals 33-18 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, quarterback Carson Palmer struggled, mightily.  Let’s be clear on one thing though.  His four interceptions on Sunday were not the reason why they lost.

The game was already 30-16 Buffalo in the fourth quarter before Palmer threw a single interception.  His interceptions were mainly a result of trying to force things in trying to comeback from the unexpected deficit.

That being said, Palmer did not look very sharp at all.  He had a few almost interceptions earlier in the game that could have made things worse.  At the end of the day, Palmer was 26-50 for 264 yards and no touchdowns.

In the first half, one quick screen was almost picked off by the Bills defensive line.  He threw it right into the line.  It was reminiscent of Palmer’s interception against the San Diego Chargers in the preseason.

Palmer also threw a lot of passes short.  The ball didn’t look right coming out of his hands on several occasions.

Not every incomplete pass was his fault.  Receiver Michael Floyd didn’t help.  He dropped a couple of passes that should have been caught.

His receivers though didn’t appear to be on the same page with him the entire day.  Can that be blamed on the receivers?  Is that Palmer’s fault?  It could be a little of both.

Then there was the situation where Palmer took a hit to the head.  He must have been cleared to stay in the game because he continued on.  Is there more than meets the eye to this story though? Again, we don’t know.

In the end though, Palmer must be better.  The receivers must be better.  The Cardinals can not afford another game like this for the remainder of the season.  Eventually a team like the Seattle Seahawks will take control and run with the division.

In the end, it’s just week three.  The Cardinals will only be one game behind once all is said and done on Sunday.  Forget this one and move on.  Carson Palmer will.

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