Ryan Braun rips spring training’s biggest flaw in frustrated rant

Everyone loves spring training. The laid-back atmosphere, the relaxation, the glimpses at rising prospects and up-close access to superstars. Well, almost everyone.

Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun was ready for spring training to end about three weeks ago, as he candidly stated to MLB.com’s Adam McCalvy:

And here’s the crazy part: Braun has played in only four Cactus League games thus far. Then again, all that sitting around probably makes the time absolutely drag. While he is hardly the only position player who feels this way, Braun’s comments are among the most blunt on the topic.

The good news for Braun is that there are only about two weeks left in camp. But if these six weeks are unbearable, the next six months could be even worse for Braun considering the Brewers have averaged 91 losses over the past two seasons while finishing in fourth place each time.