Red Sox should consider free agent Chris Carter to fill power void

With David Ortiz now retired, would Chris Carter be the answer for his replacement as the power bat in the Boston Red Sox lineup?

After watching David Ortiz’s farewell season come to close, people have been beginning to wonder who will take his spot as the big bat in the Boston Red Sox lineup.

After the signing of reigning Glove Glove first baseman Mitch Moreland, it’s beginning to look like Hanley Ramirez will be given the opportunity to become the next designated hitter. But what if President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski isn’t quite done with making the 2017 Opening Day roster? What if he wants to make one more signing to really put this team over the top? (As if that is possible.)

The answer could be first baseman Chris Carter.’s Ian Browne talked about the possibility of Carter coming to Boston.  

“Carter stood to make about $8.1 million if the Brewers had kept him.” Browne said. “This all means that any team — including the Red Sox — could probably get him at a reasonable price and without the double-edged sword of having to cough up a compensatory Draft pick.”

Browne also talked about it is a bit surprising that a talented slugger like Carter is still looking for a ball club to play for.

“It isn’t every day that someone who tied for the National League lead with 41 homers becomes a free agent.” Browne said. “But that’s exactly what happened when the Brewers non-tendered Carter in late November. It marked the first time in history a home run champ had been non-tendered.”

I am shocked that Carter is still on the market after his best career so far in the majors. If the Sox decided to pick up a guy who had over 40 home runs last year for a cheap price, it would be an absolute steal.

Now I know what everyone is thinking, “We already have a first baseman and designated hitter, there’s no point.”

With Moreland, his defensive ability is great but his offensive production has been below average. Yes, he can guarantee you around 20 home runs a season, but maybe 60 to 70 RBI’s with a below average slash.

With Carter, he would the give the Sox the ability to choose between him or Ramirez playing first base or DH, and have great offensive production from both players at the same time.

With Moreland, he can guarantee great defense, but not the best showing when he steps into the batters box. And after watching Ramirez be the everyday first baseman last season, I’m sure no one would be worried in having him stay there for the 2017 campaign and then have Carter at DH.

The signing is a bold prediction, but never doubt Dombrowski and his ability in signing a big name late in the offseason.

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