Derek Holland butchers Kyle Schwarber’s name after Cubs slugger homers

Kyle Schwarber is on track to become a household name this season, but the 24-year-old hitting machine apparently still isn’t all that well-known in baseball circles.

White Sox lefty Derek Holland served up a long ball to the Cubs’ slugger on Friday, but he was slightly confused when asked it about afterward.

“Hats off to ‘Schreiber;’ I think that’s how you say his name, right?” Holland said, via the Chicago Tribune. “Good pitch. He turned on it. He was probably looking for it.”

If he was looking for it, “Schreiber” certainly found it:

To be fair, Holland spent the first seven years of his major-league career with the Rangers and never had faced Schwarber. And Schwarber’s young MLB career consists of only 278 regular-season plate appearances. Still, Schwarber’s expedited return from a torn ACL in last season’s World Series was a major storyline, as was his five-homer performance in the 2015 postseason. One possible explanation: Holland, known for his humor, simply was goofing around.

In any case, Holland probably will hear a lot about his gaffe in the coming days and even more about Schwarber in the coming months.