Ringo Starr Is Excited About Alabama’s Win

You wouldn’t think that a Beatle would have a big rooting interesting in American collegiate football, but Ringo Starr says “Roll Tide!”

It’s a lot of fun seeing celebs cheer on Alabama when you didn’t really realize they were fans. There are some celebrities we of course expect, like Courtney Cox and Melissa Joan Hart, but this is a new one on me.

You would think that a Beatle would be more interesting in English football, or as it’s properly known soccer, but it looks like Ringo Starr is a fan of the Tide.

People don’t always connect Alabama Football, especially the Alabama defense with peace and love. Certainly we’ve seen some very angry Washington fans tonight who aren’t thinking about peace and love. Since this is Ringo Starr though you have to agree that it’s fitting.

This is now one of my favorite all time Alabama pictures.

Ringo wasn’t the only celeb excited about the Tide’s win in the Peach Bowl though…

Melissa Joan Hart was ready for the game.

Let’s go Bama!! #rolltide

A photo posted by Melissa Joan Hart (@melissajoanhart) on Dec 31, 2016 at 12:23pm PST

We haven’t seen anything from Andrew Zimmer yet, and that’s a little disappointing. I love his Alabama tweets and posts. He’s probably either off in an exotic location or too busy celebrating to tweet right now.

Of course Broadway Joe was excited about the win, and said Happy New Year because he’s a classy guy.

If you missed it Joe Namath also shared a great video this week explaining why he was thankful for Nick Saban. You don’t want to miss it.

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