LSU football Draft eligible Tigers: Travin Dural

Perhaps Tiger fans may have forgotten about Travin Dural this season due to  his limited action on the field.

But even with a forgettable statistical season, Dural may end up with a professional track record similar to former Tiger, Russell Shepard.

There will be no suspense during Travin Dural’s draft party this year. He will not hear his name on the first two days of the NFL Draft. Depending on how his agent chooses to get him into the league long term, he may not hear his name that weekend at all.

So why talk about a player who may end up being a “no round” draft pick? Two words: Russell Shepard.

The time period Shepard played in was the last time LSU had guy show so much promise in the beginning. But due to a combination of poor quarterback play and unimaginative offenses, he fizzled out in the end.

Shepard was able to parlay his 5-star recruiting stature, and brand strength of LSU, into getting signed into the NFL. Shepard is currently on an NFL Roster (Tampa Bay) since leaving LSU in 2012.

Travin Dural finished with four times as many catches, and three times as many yards, than Russell Shepard did in his senior year. And more importantly, Dural came in as an actual receiver, and not a convert.

NFL Scouts who do their homework will see that when LSU had a capable quarterback under center, Dural was their big play threat.

Averaging 20.1 yards per catch his first three seasons as a Tiger, he could be selected in the middle rounds and latch onto a team as a slot receiver. As his talents mature, he should develop into a traditional Z-receiver in the NFL.

At worst, he could be used sparingly as either a big play threat on passing downs, or a clear out receiver to stretch the defense to open up the underneath routes for more skilled players.

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Possible landing spots for Dural include the Los Angeles Rams, Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers, and Cleveland Browns.

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