College Football weekly news bites: Post Super Bowl edition

We Atlanta natives are feeling rather bummed (and a great deal of the city is probably hung over). So we turn to the awesome that is college football for a bit of cheer.

National Signing Day aftermath: The final 2017 class rankings have been released. There wasn’t much movement in the top 4, but USC and Michigan had a strong finish. You can review the entire list here. Georgia finished in the top 3, but the fan base in Athens needs to temper their excitement. We’ll have to see how the 2017 season plays out.

The SEC proves that it can still win: So maybe the conference didn’t have the best showing this year, particularly against ACC rivals (ha.). But the boys from the South can still bring in the money. The conference was the first to file its 2016 returns and reported a whopping $639 million in total revenue. The SEC network brought in a great deal of that-the network is thriving. To put that amount in real numbers, Georgia received the most from the conference with $41.8 million. The highest-grossing ACC school-Florida State-received $27.6 million. If the ACC network proves anything as successful as its SEC counterparts, we may be reporting something very different next year. Regardless, football is still king in the South and the money proves it.

And on that same note, Auburn University, the state of Alabama’s also-ran, just received $28 million for and addition to Jordan-Hare Stadium. The update will include a 44,000-square-foot, multi-story “gameday support facility”. The stadium will also renovate Auburn’s 16,000-square-foot locker room and include recruiting space for football and Olympic sports. The project will begin in May and hopefully finish before the 2018 football season.

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