Skip Bayless defends Kevin Durant trolling Portland on CJ McCollum’s podcast

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Skip Bayless defends Kevin Durant and his comments on CJ McCollum's podcast following Durant and McCollum's Twitter spat.

- I am with you times 10 because I am completely on Kevin Durant's side whether he was speaking from a position of strength or not. CJ has made noise about criticizing Kevin's decision. He hasn't called him soft. But he had already made some noise about he shouldn't have left Oklahoma City and gone to Golden State.

So that's why Kevin went on combatively like he-- he wanted to-- if it was going to resort to trash talk, whatever it was-- and I thought Kevin went on and just handed it to CJ on his own podcast because he was just relentless on him. He pulled no punches. He was just in your face.

SHANNON SHARPE: Bro, y'all not gonna win.

- Yeah. He just said--


He was laughing at him. You're gonna win a Champion-- no, you're not going to win any Championship. And then CJ said, well-- we were the 3-seed. He said, Yeah. And then what happened? You played like an 8-seed. That's what he told him. You played like an 8-seed!

Boom! That's on your podcast. And now CJ has to put that out there, right? You know? So then CJ gets that keyboard courage-- that-- that was soft. That was as soft as you can get. Now you're going to go to your keyboard and say, oh, he was soft?

Well we can't go quite to the B word, but he actually acknowledged where you could kind of go up in that range somewhere.

- Use an analogy.

- OK. Well, and then to Kevin's credit-- and again, I know he's got thin skin-- but on this one, he's just saying, wait a minute. I just did your podcast and then you go to Twitter and blast me and call me soft? And then he goes to snake in the grass.


- CJ tried to down-- like afterwards, CJ tried-- I'm not talking anymore. No. He said-- CJ even said there's no beef. No, there's beef now. Like, when you listen to the podcast, obviously, both of them were speaking truths that they really felt. But it was done in a joking manner. They were laughing. It was lighthearted.

But the Twitter-- the tweets are what got serious. And now there's real beef. There's no way KD is not-- is going to let this go.

SHANNON SHARPE: No. Nor should he. You even had me on your show. And all the things that you could have asked me-- because you mentioned this before-- OK. I know going on what you said about me in the past. OK, I'm coming on the show. And if you ask me, I'm going to answer honestly.

Now, I get there. You don't really ask me the questions, but when I leave, now you got so much to talk about. Whoa, bruh! You just had me on the podcast! You could've asked me all these questions.

If you thought I was soft-- if you thought I was soft then, I'm-- you should've-- hey, bro, you were soft. Man, you no use. Man, please. That was-- that was a weak sauce move.

- You could even say it in a way that was fun but still serious.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, maybe KD says to his teammates, let's go beat Portland 4 times by an average of 35 points.


- Right? They're capable.

- KD is-- he's really interesting because since he's gone to Golden State, he's been shooting down everybody that says something. Like, I really think-- and he's told me this personally-- he really seems-- people told me the move he made to Golden State was the first move of his life where he did it just because he wanted to.

He wasn't worried about pleasing others. And he really does seem like he doesn't care. On one hand, he doesn't care what people say. He's just gonna do what he wants to do. But on the other hand-- this is what makes it interesting-- he does seem to have soft skin. Like--


- Yeah. He's responding to every little slight. So on the one hand, you're doin' what you want to do. Forget what people think about it. On the other hand--

SHANNON SHARPE: Just don't criticize me for doing it.

- --you're sensitive and worri-- you know, concerned about people criticizing.

SHANNON SHARPE: You have to warn 'em.