Shannon Sharpe explains why it’s too early to panic about LeBron’s new-look Cavs after loss to Denver

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In reaction to Lebron's Cleveland Cavaliers recent loss to the Denver Nuggets. Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Jenny Taft why he's not too concerned about the Cavs. Is it too early to panic over the new-look squad?

- Shannon, scale of 1 to 10, how concerned are we about the Cavs right now?

- Four, four.

- No conviction.

- Really? I'm surprised.

- Four!

- That wasn't convicted.

- Four!

- You know why? Because first of all, nobody in the East can shoot threes like the Nuggets can. Second of all, only one team has a big that can dominate you down in the post like the Sixers. So that's-- Joel Embiid, everybody, the Heat doesn't have that, the Celtics doesn't have that, Indiana doesn't have that.

So I'm not overly concerned at all. Eventually this thing will get together. What's happening, what's hurting them, Skip, is in years past, you knew who one was. You knew one was LeBron, two with Kyrie, three was Kevin Love. Well, Kyrie got traded. Kevin Love is injured.

So we know who one is. Who is the two? Who is the three? Who can we count on on a nightly basis to be that second scorer?

SKIP BAYLESS: Who is it?

- And therein lies the problem. We have no definitive answer. Kevin Love is going to come back. He believes he will be able to come back at least two weeks earlier than what the team anticipated.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yep, but you just lost Tristan.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, but OK, but anyway.

- You think he was already lost?

- I ain't talking about that. JR had 19 points in the second half. He gave us nothing in the first half. And what happened is Kyle Korver couldn't play because all of the Nuggets can put the ball on the floor and get to the basket. So this game wasn't a good game for Korver to be in because, obviously, he can't stay in front of anybody.

And because of that, and then they got Jokic. OK, they dump the ball down the Jokic. you've got to come help double T on Jokic. And when you do that, he's averaging six assists a game. He's finding these spot up shooters behind the three point line.

So I'm not surprised that they lost the Nuggets because we saw with the Nuggets have been doing to the Warriors. And we think the Warriors are a damn good team. And they played the Warriors tough. Not only do they play them tough, they beat them. So I say it's a four.

Now, defense is still an issue they're having trouble staying. And I thought they would be a little better even though this is a team that just came together shortly before the All-Star game, Skip, I thought this team would be a little better defensively because the guys are younger and they're more athletic. But they're still having some of the same problems, which is controlling dribble penetration.

Because when the guy beats his guy off the dribble, help comes and now the kick is there. So they get that resolved. But LeBron is in counseling right now because he's spending more time with Ms. Triple Dub than he is with [INAUDIBLE]. So I sent him to counseling. Because you can't be doing that.


- Yeah, he in counseling as we speak.

- Well, he and Ms. Triple Dub are losing a lot of games.

SHANNON SHARPE: But that ain't got nothing to do with it. She like him.

- They can go out wherever they want. But they can't go to your restaurant, right? You're closed down, man.

- She calling all-- she called him up in Memphis. He in Cleveland, but she calls. His phone just constantly going off. So I just told him to just turn the phone off because she keep calling him.

- I think LeBron just should go home to Savannah and forget about his Trip Dubs, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: He can't-- he can't help it, Skip.

- Go home.

- They just fall like, they just fall in his lap.