Shannon Sharpe on GSW: ‘When you’ve got 2 of the 5 best players in the NBA what do you got to fear?’

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Shannon Sharpe disposes of the notion that the Golden State Warriors have anything to worry about after returning from the All-Star Break.

- Be fine. Steve, let me coach. Hell, you let Andre Iguodala coach, let me get some of that against the Suns. Skip, they're going to be fine. They got 10 games against the Suns, the Hawks, the Kings, the Nets, and the Knicks. Did that strike you? They only have 24 games left and they got 10 against those teams. Even at the current pace, they're on pace to win 62 games. Think about that. This is a long season.

They go 67-15, 73-9, 67-15, people like 60 games is something to sneeze at. Do they realize how hard it is to consistently win 60 games in the NBA, Skip? Don't worry about them. Because when you got two of the five best players in the NBA, what do you gotta fear? Still got Klay Thompson. You still got Draymond, the army knife, so he's going to do what he does.

But, Steph and Durant haven't had those game where they both go off together. We've seen Steph go for 48 against the Celtics and win. We see KD go for 50 when they lost to Portland a couple days before the All-Star game. But, Skip, you know if two or three of those guys go off in a given night, you're not beating them. It's nothing to worry about. I get it, it's some [INAUDIBLE] and Houston's playing unbelievable there. The offensive efficiency is the greatest we've ever seen. Home court would mean more to Houston than it would to this team. But they're the favorite, they should be. They got, look, if they didn't have that 7-foot guy, all bets would be off.

- You mean the best player on the planet?

- Stop it, Skip!

- Is he or is he not?


- One day he is one--

- He is not.

- See, for the sake of this argument, you've got to make him the best player on the planet, that seven foot guy.

- No, no, no, no, no he's just, he's a different animal. Because he's the guy that can go, when the game slows down and everybody is locked up, he can say hey.

- So you're saying, when he's at his best, he's better than LeBron at his best. No? I think you just said that. I believe you just said that and now you're trying to walk it back.

- Why you do that, Skip? Why you try to parse my words and try to interject something that I did not try to put in there?

- I'm trying to hold your feet to the fire you just stepped in. You just stepped in the fire.

- LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors have the best team in the NBA.

- So are you now trying to take some pressure off LeBron? Because most people now think LeBron, with his new team, has a pretty good shot against, if it is Golden State, in the finals. Because you're now trying to say, Golden State's still the prohibitive favorite, and they're still Golden State.

- LeBron James with new kids on the block is the favorite coming out of the East.

- So how about them in the finals?

- Well, Skip, that's a ways away.

- No it isn't, it's now. What do you see? What do your eyes tell you?

- How do we get how we get to talking about LeBron? I thought we were talking about the Warriors.

- It's always about LeBron.

- Why you do that?

- Because you are LeShannon.

- No, I'm very objective.

- You sleep in his pajamas, or you sleep on his sheets, right?


- Goat? Better than Jordan, right? Well what case did you make yesterday? That if LeBron does beat this Golden State team, then he's better than Jordan, right?

- I said it.

- And we're going to discuss that again later in this show.