Chris Broussard: ‘LeBron is more Magic than MJ, and Magic would have drafted Larry Bird too’

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Chris Broussard joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor to discuss the 2018 NBA All-Star draft. Chris makes an argument for LeBron James draft picks, including Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

- --that LeBron chose to wear 23 for one reason.

- Because that's his idol.

- He was saying, I got next.

- That was his idol, Skip.

- That's what he was saying.

- You know that.

- He's tattooed with the "chosen 1."

- Yeah! He's the chosen!

- That was his favorite player.

- So Michael Jordan sitting in that catbird seat last night with the first overall pick would have said, I don't need to pick no Kevin Durant to go win no all-star game. I want Steph to have him, because I'm going to go beat both of them in the all-star game. That's what would happened with Michael Jordan.

And Michael Jordan, given the opportunity, would have said, hell with Kyrie Irving. If that's what he did, given the report that we talked about earlier in the show from that Kyrie went to the lengths of, I am so done with playing with that guy, I'll sit out a year and have knee surgery if you're going to force me to play with him again. So if it came to that level, that's where Michael Jordan would have said, OK, I'm done with you. And instead, it's so vintage LeBron.

With Kevin, he's saying, if I can't beat you, I've got to rejoin with you here. I've got to honor you. I've got to show you how much I think of you. I've got to get you back on my side the way he got Kevin on his side before that first finals when Kevin was just a baby with James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

SHANNON SHARPE: Don't do that, Skip! Stop that!

- They were just babies. You know it and I know it.

- Did I hear a baby?

- They got to the finals.

- And this is where LeBron's trying to re-send that message to Kevin. Maybe I'll soften him up to the point he'll take it a little easier on me in the finals. And with Kyrie--


- Yep.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Book out of MJ's book.

- Kyrie, he did not do that.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Page out of MJ's book.

- So with Kyrie, it is a great PR move by LeBron, because he's all about marketing. It's all about branding, creating, polishing the image.

SHANNON SHARPE: So Bron's not a good guy?

- He is, to a fault. He's too nice a guy. But remember Jordan--

SHANNON SHARPE: How you be a-- how can you be-- how can you fault somebody for being nice?

- Remember Jordan's Hall of Fame speech? It was so vintage Michael. And a lot people despised it.

- But a lot of people didn't like it.

- Oh, they were just offended by it. He blasted everybody along the trail-- whoever did him wrong-- starting in high school, right? You, you-- and when he got to Jerry Krause, he dropped a nuclear bomb on him.

SHANNON SHARPE: But you know--

- And people said David Robinson's speech was so much better and classier. That's what people said.

- But Skip, you know Michael. You know Michael. I know Michael a little bit. Which one of us is surprised that he did that?

CHRIS BROUSSARD: No. It was vintage.

SKIP BAYLESS: I applaud him.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: As you said, it was vintage Michael.

- It was as real as you could get.

- Yes! Yes!

- And again, whether you like it or not, I can't help it. Because that's that guy.

- That's him!

- As he was installed and enshrined, he said, here I am. Like it or not. Right?


- Skip, we've always said LeBron is more Magic than Michael. Magic would have taken Larry Bird. Am I--

SKIP BAYLESS: He probably would have.

- OK.

SKIP BAYLESS: I'll give you that.

- So I'm not-- I'm saying, that's not a sign of weakness. I don't think you're saying Magic would be weak for taking Bird.