Skip Bayless reveals the most logical destination for Bill Belichick if he leaves the New England Patriots

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Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe why the New York Giants' organization is the most logical destination for Bill Belichick if he leaves the New England Patriots.

- So big picture, Robert Kraft mandates that Bill Belichick must trade Jimmy G. And he also had already traded Brissett, to your point. So my biggest takeaway from all this is that-- I'm going to say it one more time. I'm going to be careful with what I say here. But there is some scoundrel in Bill Belichick, some scoundrel.

We saw what happened with Spygate. He got busted straight up by an assistant of his named Eric Mangini, who just blew the whistle on him because he said, don't do it to me. If you do it to me, I'm going to call you in. And he called him in. And Spygate developed.


- And there were two teams that played the Patriots in the first two Super Bowls, both of whom accused Bill Belichick of spying on their walk-throughs on the Saturday before. Now, did it happen? I don't know. They were adamant about it in both cases, St. Louis Rams, Carolina Panthers, just for the record.

And I've always said about Bill Belichick, how could you be such a great coach and need to resort to this? I don't know, but there's some scoundrel in him. I believe that this piece mostly came from Bill Belichick, maybe not directly, maybe it was second and third hand. But Bill Belichick for a fact has relationships with various NFL reporters in high places.

He won't talk to them on the record, but he will talk to them off the record. And that's how this reads to me. This did not come from Tom Brady. And it did not come from Robert Kraft. And it will be interesting to see if Brady and/or Kraft respond to some of the quote, unquote, "allegations" in this piece.


- Maybe because they're on the cusp of-- they're favored to win a sixth Super Bowl.


- So to me, my final take away from all the above is that Bill Belichick, according to sources-- and I think this is coming pretty much from him-- was angry and disillusioned when he was told by the owner, you must trade Jimmy Garoppolo. And he responded by rebelling against the organization. It feels like he sabotaged the organization going forward because he decided he didn't want to be a long-term part of the organization. So my gut feeling is I will not be surprised if Bill-- it depends somewhat on the outcome of the next month-- but I'm not going to be surprised if Bill Belichick is coaching elsewhere. And the most obvious landing spot for him right now would be the New York Giants, where he has history, where he is the coordinator and won Super Bowls with Parcels.