Shannon Sharpe explains why Tom Brady shouldn’t be NFL MVP this year

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Shannon Sharpe talks Tom Brady's MVP chances with Skip Bayless after the NFL season came to a close on Sunday.

- Shannon, did Brady help or hurt his MVP argument yesterday?

- He should have been hurting it all the month of December. These are Tom-- this is what Tom Brady did in the month of December. He's 15th in completion percentage, 13th in passing yards, tied for 14th in TD passes, tied for third in interceptions. That was the Jets, which ranked 23rd in pass D.

Carson Wentz has one fewer touchdown pass in the month of December, and he played three fewer games. Carson Wentz has more touchdown passes than Tom Brady. He played three fewer games.

And you're telling me that's the MVP? Now Skip kept telling me, Tom Brady was going to have one of the virtuoso performances, and this was going to be [INAUDIBLE]. I didn't see it.

- I didn't say virtuoso.

- Oh, yeah, yeah, he--

- I said if he finished it off with two solid performances. Virtuoso was at Pittsburgh. Was that in December? Help me out.

- Yeah.

- Oh, so, wait, the game of the year in the National Football League was won by Tom Brady at Pittsburgh.

- Joy, if you don't mind--

- And you just conveniently swept that under your little carpet over there?

- Joy, if you don't mind me asking, was Miami-- did they play Miami in December? Oh, they did. Was that in December?

- Tom Brady is 7-9 at Miami. He has lost four of his last five at Miami. That's his one Achilles heel is at Miami.

- OK, tell me why he--

- So help me out.

- Why didn't he throw for more than 200 yards against the 23rd-ranked defense?

- Tell me when it's mine turn.

- It's not your turn yet.

- OK, go ahead.

- See, the thing with you, Skip Bayless, is that you look at it-- the way you look at Tom Brady-- and I get it. Again, sports is not good enough, Joy, for me to predict the score. I need a narrative. I need a storyline.

Now the narrative in the storyline is, you see what Tom Brady did. He came back for-- the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, down 25, he came back. What's the narrative? What's the storyline this year?

Tom Brady, 40 years old, what can a-- no 40-year-old has ever done this. No 40-year-old has done that. Every time he does something, he's the first 40-year-old to do it. He's the first 40-year-old to do that. He's the first 40-year-old to do that.

That's the narrative that we want. We want to have it. Tom Brady is not the best quarterback. He did not play the best quarterback this year. That's a fact.

- Oh.

- Carson Wentz leads the NFL in QB-- Skip, if you don't mind me asking, who leads the NFL in QBR? You love that stat. Who leads the NFL in QBR?

- Who missed the last four games?

- Ah, Skip.

- Carson Wentz, so he got to protect his QBR without risking it down the stretch.

- He missed the last three games.