Skip Bayless explains why Brady should be the runaway MVP in the NFL this season

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Skip Bayless talks Tom Brady after the New England Patriots Week 12 win over the Miami Dolphins.

SKIP BAYLESS: First of all, I must say, for the record, this question should be so offensive to Tom Brady that he's even having to occupy the same sentence with Carson Wentz, a second year quarterback who had to have his delivery completely rebuilt in the offseason.

SHANNON SHARPE: What difference does that make?

- He was horrible last year. He-- what was he? 16 touchdowns to 14 interceptions. He had a QBR under 50 last year, which was 49.4.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's going to be good this year.

- Yeah. He will not be that-- you want to bet on that? OK. I'll bet you two cases of Diet Mountain Dew.

SHANNON SHARPE: Already got a case. I've already got five cases.

- We shut him up on that one very quickly. So to your point, Tom Brady will never win MVP, again, because he's only-- he's won two so far, in '07 and 2010. And it's Jordan-esque, because Michael Jordan as we know, could have won every year. And now, Tom Brady is having an MVP season. He should be the runaway MVP, given his degree of difficulty over Carson Wentz.

SHANNON SHARPE: Why is it so difficult?

- Everything is difficult. Let's start with the game yesterday, and thank you very much for bringing this up. Carson Wentz yesterday was up against Mitchell Trubisky. And if I can use QBR once again on this show, Mitchell Trubisky had a QBR, and remember it goes from zero to 100, of 0.3. That was the lowest QBR in the NFL for this entire season, a 0.3. So that was your competition yesterday. Walk it to him Wentzlvania, whatever you call him.

SHANNON SHARPE: Walk it to him.

- And the Chicago Bears failed to register a first down until the third quarter of the football game. So it's not like he was up against any kind of opposition. And you're actually putting stock in his QBR? What did he have, like a 90 something? He should have had a 100 yesterday against the Bears.