Skip explains why Dak Prescott is the next Roger Staubach for the Cowboys

Skip Bayless gives his reaction to Shannon Sharpe on Dak Prescott's comments about Ezekiel Elliott. Is Dak being a little bit too confident?

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- I love that he said this. This is what a leader says. This is what a franchise quarterback says. This is what the next Roger Staubach says. Is that before your time, Roger Staubach?

GUEST: I remember Roger Staubach.

- You should, because I knew him very well. And he was the leader of that locker room and that team. He was the clutch player who brought them from behind, again and again, just the way we saw Dak do last year. And guess what? This is exactly what Tony Romo would not have said in this circumstance. Dak Prescott just turned 24 years of age. He is just entering his second NFL season. But even last year, I kept saying it over and over again, he handled himself like he had been the franchise quarterback for 10 years. And I fell out of my chair early last season when he even put the Pro Bowl receiver, the diva receiver, Dez Bryant in his place, when he said, I will throw it to him when he is open. Remember that quote? That's from week to last year. And that was after Dez Bryant had dropped a crucial turning point touchdown pass in the corner of the end zone in the opening game against the New York football Giants game that wound up 20 to 19, New York. Do the math. Thank you very much.

GUEST: Whatever, Skip.

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