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Dez Bryant responded to critics who say he doesn't care about racial issues.

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- I still love Dez as a Dallas Cowboy receiver. But as you alluded to, there are some pro athletes who just aren't cut out to be Colin Kaepernick or LeBron James.

- Nope.

- And if you know Dez's background, he came from a rough place in Lufkin, Texas, but he was coddled at Oklahoma State, and he was coddled by Jerry Jones, his new father--

- What do you mean was?

- Is.

- OK.

- Yeah, well I'm going to get to that because last year was a humbling experience for one Dez Bryant. But he was so coddled, and he made the money fairly quickly as a late first round pick, and then he got his big deal from Jerry going back-- what was it, two years ago?

- Two to three.

- Two and a half year. Yup. That maybe he just hasn't thought that deeply about all this. Maybe he doesn't care that much about all this and he feels pressured because he is another Twitter victim, Twitter prisoner. He lives on social media.

And too often, and I've gone back and forth with him via social media, too often he is responding to people on social media he doesn't need to be responding to because it's an unwinable battle. You know this and I know this. If you start to fight with some little person on Twitter, it's a slippery slope, and you're probably going to lose because you're probably going to slip down the slope and fall on your face. And usually the more Dez tries to defend himself via social media or in interviews, it just gets worse and worse and worse.

And to your point, he sticks the foot deeper and deeper into said mouth. And I just say, why don't you stop it Dez? Just you don't-- you know, I wish he'd do the zero dark 30 that LeBron does for the playoffs. I wish he'd do it for the football season because he just doesn't need it. It doesn't get Dez anywhere to try to fight back on social media because he doesn't need to fight back. He needs to focus on playing football.

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