Is Paulie Malignaggi a Floyd Mayweather spy? Malignaggi explains their relationship

Paulie Malignaggi joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the megafight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

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- So Paulie, that video of you and Floyd was released yesterday. What's your relationship with Floyd now?

- Oh, no, me and Floyd are friends. You know, a lot of times, I come to town and I don't get to see him. You know, he's always traveling or we miss each other and whatnot. So this is a chance to see the final workout of his career. It was a chance to see my boy when he's in town, which is also a rarity, because like I said, I come to town so many times and he's not here anyway.

So, you know, it was more a situation where I was going to say what's up. And of course, people are going to talk about it. But I just wanted to see how he was looking in the workout, see how sharp he was looking. And just go say what's up, because I keep missing him.

- By the way, quick point of order. My partner across the table suggested a couple of weeks ago that you were a little fat and out of shape in that video. You look good to me, man.

- I've lost some weight since then.

- Ah, so you've lost some. Oh, trying to make weight.

- Tell him what happened.

- No, I'll tell you. What, with the knock down or the, quote unquote, "knock down"?

- How they flew you in--

- Yeah, of course, but of course, listen. That's, in and of itself, something else. You'll never see that house because they won't show that house. But that's personal stuff here and there.

- What house?

- The house where they put the


- They'll show you the house where the trainers stayed at--

- But is it true--

- It wasn't even that. I didn't take that--

- Did you fly in on the same day that you sparred?

- Yeah, I flew in the night before.

- You flew in the night before. Oh, so you actually got to sleep before you sparred.

- Oh yeah, of course. Well, you've got jet lag, you got--

- Well, that's not what I heard from--

- Well listen, the bottom line is this. Skip, Skip, the bottom line is this. Skip the bottom line is this. And like I said, the reason I want to come on here is I love the tough questions, because I have the truth. So you can give me all the tough questions you want, I have the truth. At day's end, we boxed twelve rounds.

You couldn't find 30 seconds concurrently running that he could run a video of. If he dominated 12 rounds, 36 minutes, you can run a 30-second video surely, concurrently, with no edits and no cuts from one side to another. Surely you can do that if you dominated that like that, right? So I feel like I have the truth. You know, you see this video here, you're seeing right here, they clicked it from round 12.

I wasn't in 12 round shape. I thought I was honestly going to camp to do four and six rounds at a time, which is usually what sparring partners do, four to six rounds here and bring in another guy, four and six rounds with him. I said, OK, I'm in four to six round shape. I'm not in 12 round shape, but I'm in four to six round shape. The fact that I can do 12 rounds, doesn't that tell you a little bit more?

- Mm-hmm.

- There's probably women I wouldn't of been able to 12 rounds with, you know what I mean?

- Ooh! - So shouldn't that tell you a little more? And this clip of the knockdown, if you actually slow it down, you have to slow it down because it's done very well, you have to slow it down. I'll tell you the dynamics of this, quote unquote, "knock down," the dynamics of it is, he's pushing down on my head, I'm pushing up. I'm pushing up. He's pushing down on my head and I'm pushing up.

Now, there's a trick in boxing. When you push down on a guy's head, you can do two dirty things, because this is dirty. You can hit him with an uppercut, or you can let him go, knowing his head is going to pop up and time the hook. So I know those two tricks as I'm getting my head pushed down. I'm assuming that McGregor is familiar with those two tricks. So as I'm pushing up, I'm also pushing away with my front foot. I'm pushing away from him. So he's pushing, he's pulling down, and I'm pushing away from him.

So when he lets me go-- because he actually misses the little short hook inside, and it's actually a smack, it's not even a little hook-- when you lets me go, I go flying. So that's the whiplash effect of tug of war and you let go of the rope. And of course, you're playing your whole promotion on this, isn't that a bit insecure? I don't know, I felt like at day's end, I was going there to work.

You know, I wasn't going to complain about the house. Was it the best house? No, but I would have kept it to myself, I didn't care. But at day's end, when you put the whole story together, my final day there, I had a 9:00 PM appointment at the gym. They called me, made me show up to the gym at 3:30 to tell me I'm not sparring and that I can't work out, because Conor has to use the gym and I can't use the gym. So why'd you tell me to show up at 3:30 for, just to tell me I couldn't work out?

So there was just little things that I felt were being done on purpose. And I said, this ain't for me, man. You know, what am I going to deal with this, 2 and 1/2 more weeks of this? This is being done on purpose. There's an agenda here. I'll leave. And I didn't want to leave, because I felt like if I leave, people are going to say-- they're going to try to run it as we ran an ex-world champion out of camp. So I didn't want to leave, but by the time everything added up together, I said, all right, this is going to be an everyday thing here. I've got to stand guarded everyday, so I'm going to go home.

- OK, so is it fair to say you disliked Conor before this--

- No, I honestly didn't dislike Conor before. See, people talk about the trash talk that I had six months before. The trash talk that I had six months before was just about trying to get a fight, right? You know, everybody's trying to get a fight. I've had disputes in the media with fighters. I don't know how familiar you are with boxing, guys like Devon Alexander, Robert Guerrero, even Demetrius Hopkins, they were in my first World Title reign.

When the fights didn't happen, we didn't keep that beef. You know, I see any of those guys right now, we'd give each other a hug, we pound each other up. It's all good, because we understand it's a business. And sometimes you're trying to make a fight for the money, you're trying to make a fight for the competition. And if it happens, yes, you start to dislike each other for real, because you're about to fight. But if it doesn't happen, we're all brothers in the thing, man.

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