Ice Cube explains why he ‘hates’ the Isaiah Thomas/Kyrie Irving trade

Ice Cube joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss his thoughts on Kyrie Irving heading to the Boston Celtics.

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- So, Cube, what was your reaction to this trade.

- I hate this trade, I mean, I hate when the Celtics get anybody. Why couldn't he go somewhere else? And I think it's cool for Tyree- I mean, Kyrie. I'm not sure about Isaiah, but we'll see, you know. It's, like, you don't know until you see him go. I know Boston got a nice draft pick. So it'd be cool to see Kyrie drop some dimes to him. But, you know, this is what the NBA about. It's a shake up. Let's see.

- For me, it's just hard for me to-- I mean, they have such a good thing going, and Kyrie wants to be the man. It's more important for him to be the man than winning championships. And I just--

- Well, well, wait. Who says he can't win another championship?

- As I was saying, Cube, maybe it's because I come from a football background, and there's 53 guys. But I guess in basketball, being the man is more important than anything.

- Yeah, well, you know, Kyrie-- we got to look at, you know-- when he first went to Cleveland, I don't know if LeBron was there or had just left. He was actually starting to build the team back up without LeBron.

- He built them up into Andrew Wiggins. They got the number-one overall pick. That's how you build them up. Build them way up.

- But they were on their way in the right direction. And then LeBron comes back, and I don't even know if he allocated himself to the team. He just basically was, like, I'm back y'all. Here we go. Here's what we gonna do.

- They didn't have to take him.

- I'm pretty sure Kyrie was saying wait a damn minute.

- He did it, like, eight days after Kyrie had committed long term to Cleveland, thinking he was going to be the man.

- They could have told him no, Cube.

- Who?

- You could tell--

- Dan Gilbert. Because they know, bro, you left me high and dry.

- It ain't about Dan. We talking about Kyrie. Dan wasn't going to say no.

- Why not? You got Kyrie.

- Did anybody ask Kyrie? That's my question. Did anybody ask him?

- You run that by LeBron. You run that by Magic Johnson or Larry Bird. You don't run that by no Kyrie.

- OK. So that's why he's out of here. You know what I mean? It's, like, you know, you didn't want to run it by your star player at the time.

- They didn't run it by Kareem to take Magic.

- Well, Magic was a draft pick.

- They could have said, well, we're taking somebody else.

- Yeah, of course. But Magic was a draft pick. This guy was coming-- was on the team, left and went and won championships somewhere else, and then want to come back. And I'm pretty sure Kyrie was a little salty about it. He ran it and saw how it went. First year didn't go too well. Coach actually ran his knee out. That Russian coach they had. And Kyrie pops had to step up and say, look, man, don't run my son into the ground. And then the next year they win the ring. And then this year, they lose it. So I see why Kyrie is done.

- Why?

- He's ready to go and do what he started when he first came in the league. Was a winning championship and run his squad. And he might get a chance to do that.

- You know he's not getting past LeBron.

- How you know this?

- You want to bet something on this right now, Cube?

- What you want to bet? You want to bet this lip balm?


- What you wanna bet, man?

- Hey, I tell you what. I want a guest spot in the next "Friday." If I don't do nothing but come on and just throw the deuces.

- No problem. I got you.

- All right. What do I win?

- What you want? You get-- hey, I'll let you hold forth a day with Skip. Beat him down.

- Aw, man, Skip might let me do that on GP.

- That is correct.

- What you want?

- We'll figure it out offset.

- I'm gonna be in a movie.

- Offset. But I think Kyrie can definitely-- I think he definitely could make some noise with the Celtics. And, you know, I mean with them--

- Gordon Heyward. Al Horford. And you gonna beat LeBron?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Jayson Tatum. Jaylen Brown. Have you seen them play? Whew.

- Well, you know, I'm not a Celtics, so I'm not hoping for this. But I think-- you know, I'm a Kyrie fan, so we'll see.

- Well, you know what? I was thinking about talking LeBron into coming to L.A., the Lakers. But since you talking crazy about that, we're going to have to go on down to Clipper [INAUDIBLE]. How would you like that one?

- Go on down to the Clippers.

- Yeah.

- Actually, we selling the Clippers for cheap. We selling the Clippers and the Chargers if you want them.


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