NFL could start penalizing the use of 'N' word on the field

BY Sid Saraf • February 22, 2014

NFL games aren't for the faint of heart. Harsh language is known to fly around in the trenches as emotions run high during the heat of battle.

Well, players better start watching their language and minding their P's and Q's if the NFL passes a new rule next month.

John Wooten, who heads the Fritz Pollard Alliance, expects the NFL Competition Committee to adopt a new rule making it a penalty if a player uses the 'N' word on the field. The first use will draw a 15-yard penalty. The second use will lead to an ejection.

"We want this word to be policed from the parking lot to the equipment room to the locker room. Secretaries, PR people, whoever, we want it eliminated completely and want it policed everywhere," Wooten said, whose organization works to spread through the NFL. "I will be totally shocked if the competition committee does not uphold us on what we're trying to do."

The competition committee will rule on the proposal next month, and if it passes, it will be presented to the league owners. The league didn't comment on the proposal, but has been taking special care to examine workplace policies in the wake of the Wells report, which exposed the Dolphins organization.


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