The Pogba Diaries: Paul Pogba is ready for the FIFA World Cup™ Final

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Paul Pogba is hoping for great ending to the Pogba Diaries after France advances to the FIFA World Cup™ Final

- I have no words. I just have no words. You have to enjoy doing today. But it's not always not finish. We played against a very, very good team. Put us in like a difficult position. But it remained, the team's spirit was very good.

Again, guys, one more to go hopefully. And I hope I'm going to make another video. Happy, smile, maybe crying hopefully. That's all I want. Thank you again for your support.


Again and again. You will see which against which which team we are going to play. But first we are going to recover and then get ready. Thank you. [SPEAKING NON-ENGLISH]

And you know I won't forget there. [INAUDIBLE].