Arsenal vs. AC Milan | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch highlights between Arsenal and AC Milan.

HOST: --from the Emirates in this game hosting the Italian side in London. Here we go.

ANALYST 1: It started in the 34th minute for Calhanoglu from distance here. What a strike. This thing is dipping, it is moving. You can question Ospina, doesn't get his feet set, gets too far to his near post, but take nothing away from that strike.

ANALYST 2: And they played very well, AC Milan. And then there's obviously a controversial moment, Danny Welbeck going down here. Rodríguez. I believe that's a penalty-- it was enough to go down-- so do the officials.

He's had a good day. Danny Welbeck got called into the England squad and tucks it away, 100 games for Arsenal.

ANALYST 1: And then in the 40th minute, another shout, maybe, for a handball.

ANALYST 2: Would you give it?

ANALYST 1: I don't-- I wouldn't have given that penalty. Would you have given that one?

ANALYST 2: No. I wouldn't.

ANALYST 1: OK, we're in agreeance there.

ANALYST 2: OK, that's good.

ANALYST 1: And then right at the end of the half, Jack Wilshere with a strike. Now this save there from Donnarumma, it's very similar to an almost save that he has in the second half, except not quite the same ending for him.

ANALYST 2: There you go.

ANALYST 1: Wouldn't want to see him in a pub, would you, after he's had a few pints?

ANALYST 2: Hahaha. I don't go in pubs.

ANALYST 1: Haha. What a cross. Bonucci on the head, Kalinic, and he just heads that one right into Ospina's hands.

ANALYST 2: I thought Arsenal played well. I thought the midfield area, the way they passed, you know, Ramsey was good, Xhaka coming into his own. But it's going for Arsenal, isn't it? They've had a really bad six months, or whatever it is, for Arsene Wenger. But slowly but surely, they've dug theirself out of a massive hole, with a little bit of help from an Italian international.

ANALYST 1: And then it continued for Arsenal in the 86th minute as they're just looking to put this game. And another driving run from Jack Wilshere. And just a little hesitation there sends Bonucci off and he can't get close to it. Ramsey comes close, and then Welbeck finishes off his day with a header at the back post.