Three important questions about the Philadelphia Eagles and Doug Pederson

Maybe the bye week came too early in the 2016 season for the Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-6 since the bye week, and some believe it may be time to start preparing for the offseason and for 2017. We knew they had issues and challenges. We knew the head coach and starting quarterback were both rookies. A 3-0 start to the season gave us all hope, but in the end it just is what it is. This is a team that does have talent but has way too many issues to overcome.

Believe it or not, the same team that was 3-0 and blew out the Pittsburgh Steelers is now the only team in the NFC East with a losing record. With all that being said, the Eagles and Eagles fans now have to ask themselves three serious question about their team and their head coach. Has Doug Pederson lost the team already? Can the Eagles even win five in a row? Why would making the playoffs even be a good thing? A playoff appearance would, no doubt, mean a road game. We all know what happens when that occurs.

The most recent Monday night game was an embarrassment. The Eagles were clearly outmatched by another team that was supposed to have just as many issues. Sure, it was Mike McCarthy, perennial MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. What unfolded for three hours, however, was inexcusable.

With a game that was played at home, the emotion of Jeremiah Trotter and Merrill Reese entering the Eagles Hall of Fame and the season riding in the balance, Philadelphia played quite possibly their most uninspired game since week six against the Washington Redskins. Last week, some held on to the hope that six winnable games remained on the Eagles schedule. Monday night was supposed to be the springboard for the remainder of the season. Instead they may have become a springboard for somebody else.

Here’s a sight that’s quickly becoming an old one, but Doug Pederson addressed the Philadelphia media following yet another loss:

Five games remain in 2016. There are three games at home against their divisional foes: the Redskins, the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. There are two road games against the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens of the AFC North. The Redskins game won’t be easy as they’ve, all of a sudden, become one of the Eagles’ most difficult teams to match up with personnel wise. Then again, none of these games will be easy if we see a repeat performance of what we saw last night.

It appears that this team is rarely ready to play. It feels like they don’t get up for big games. You could even argue that it looks like they don’t want to play anymore, and they’re sleepwalking through the rest of this season. Let’s hope none of that is the case.

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