Seahawks sign KR/PR Devin Hester

The Seattle Seahawks added return man Devin Hester to the roster today. He is expected to handle kick and punt duties for the playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks made a roster move today as they continue to try and grip with the loss of Tyler Lockett. According to Jay Glazer, they are signing Devin Hester to return punts and kicks this week against Detroit.

Hester in unequivocally the best returner in NFL history. Unfortunately, the days of him being a threat to turn every return into a touchdown are long behind him. At this point, he is essentially Bryan Walters with better name recognition.

The big issue for Hester this season has been his fumbles. He fumbled the ball five time this season, though only one was recovered by the opposition.

Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun reported that the fumbles were the result of a groin injury. Hester said that the injury made it difficult for him to get into proper position to catch the ball.

I guess we’ll see if that is true or not. He’s been off for a month and should be healthy now.

Assuming that he can catch the ball cleanly, I like this move for the Seahawks. Richard Sherman did fine on punt returns last week, but I don’t like seeing him out there on those plays.

The risk of injury is too great. How many times have to see a punt returner get blasted just as they are trying to catch the ball. For the opposition, it is worth risking a 15 yard penalty for a chance to take Seattle’s best defensive player out of the game.

There was no announced roster move to make room for Hester. The best guess would be RB Terrence McGee. He was a healthy scratch on Sunday, and the team will be getting CJ Prosise back next week.

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