Taken: RG3 tells D-Jax he’s only No. 10 in Washington

Robert Griffin III's No. 10 jersey has been a hot item at stores since he joined the league.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

When speaking to reporters Wednesday, Jackson showed interest in continuing to wear his No. 10 jersey in Washington. Even though, ya know, it belongs to the team’s franchise player and star quarterback, Robert Griffin III, and just happens to be one of the most popular jerseys in the NFL, even setting a record for single-year sales.

"I am defiitely familiar with the No. 10 on Robert Griffin," Jackson said, according to USA Today. "But, you know, we’€™ve talked about it a little bit, but there hasn’€™t been a decision that’s been made yet so far. But maybe RG3 will wear No. 3 and I’ll try to get in 10. We’ll see how it goes though. Never know."