NFL Draft review: Name that quarterback

So, for once the Tennessee Titans fan base enters the middle of November without all eyes on the NFL Draft.

In fact, if not for the two first round picks that could make this team a perennial playoff contender, most Titans fans wouldn’t even pay attention to the draft talk going on right now. However, that doesn’t change the fact that four or five fan bases have already turned a full gaze towards April.

So, in that spirit, I wanted to do a re-draft of the QBs over the last six seasons. Now, some of you may know that I did a similar post last week. However, in this exercise I want readers to either comment or tweet at me which QBs they would take if they had to pick three or five or you can even rank them 1-9. I will then respond with what QBs you ended up with.

So, let’s blindly look at the top QBs stats from the last six classes and see where the Titans QB stacks up.


QB Competion % Pass YPG Y/A Pass TD INTs Ratio
A 62.3 240.8 7 1.32 0.84 1.57
B 61.1 238.1 6.4 1.71 0.68 2.51
C 64.9 212.1 7.2 0.97 0.72 1.35
D 63 241 7.7 1.82 0.82 2.2
E 63.5 218.1 7.6 1.05 0.63 1.67
F 58.9 271.9 7.1 1.84 0.97 1.9
G 59.1 250.2 6.7 1.6 1.18 1.36
H 65 225.9 8.1 1.59 0.49 3.18
I 59 255.6 7.3 1.64 1 1.64

So there you have it, Pro Bowlers, busts, the good, the bad, all the quality QBs from the last six draft classes are right in front of you.

If you had to draft all over again blindly, which NFL QB to you want the most out of this list? Who is dead last? Tweet and I will tell you which QB(s) you have chosen.

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