Marshawn Lynch leaves reporters hanging again

Beast Mode on the field, Marshawn Lynch switches to least mode with the press.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

First, Marshawn Lynch wouldn’t talk to the media at all. But that drew a big fine from the NFL.

So for the past couple months, the Seattle Seahawks star tailback has been obliging the media after games — though he hasn’t actually given them anything to work with. Unless you like inane answers, repeated ad nauseum. If that’s the case, by all means scroll down and enjoy.

This week, after mockingly asking "So, y’all gonna try again? That’s what we gonna do?" he answered every question by saying "I’m thankful."

It’s a slight twist on the last postgame session, which had a similar "Thanks" theme.

And then there’s the "Yeah" presser, which was, well, yeah.