Jim Kelly: Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly thinks Patriots signalcaller Tom Brady was better than him—and better than every player in history—at his position.

Kelly, a guest on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, made the proclamation and cited Brady’s steady performance over the years.

“The consistency, every single year he does it,” Kelly said. “And he doesn’t have, all time, the greatest players around him. A lot of times they are in and out — [Wes] Welker is gone, a couple other guys are gone. He does have a great one in [Rob] Gronkowski, but the thing is he makes it work and it doesn't matter what it is.”

The 39-year-old, in his 17th season, has won four Super Bowls and two MVP awards during his career. Former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana is also in the conversation, having won four rings and two MVPs himself.

– Kenny Ducey 

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