Gronkowski shares profane things Tom Brady says after TDs

Rob Gronkowski recently shared the vile things Tom Brady says after the Patriots score touchdowns.
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

By Steve DelVecchio

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski made an appearance on the season premiere of “Jim Rome on Showtime” this week, and America’s favorite party animal did not disappoint.

For starters, Gronk described his ideal wife by keeping things simple — he wants her to cook, clean, be beautiful and somehow make a lot of cash while staying at home. Rome also got Gronkowski to reveal a little of what goes on inside the huddle. Our favorite was what Tom Brady supposedly says after Gronk catches a touchdown pass.

At first, Gronk told Rome that Brady is “just fired up” when he gets in the big tight end’s face and says stuff like, “Hell yeah!” Rome knew there had to be more, so Gronk finally gave in.

“OK … it’s more like “Hell yeah motherf—er!!. I knew it! I knew you could to it!” Gronkowski admitted, per Will Brinson of “You’re gonna get some b—-es after the game now!

“That’s what he says.”

Tom Brady dropping f-bombs? Say it ain’t so! If we didn’t hear pretty boy Tom swear during a press conference last season or watch him go F-bomb crazy on the sideline during a loss, we would find that more difficult to believe.

As expected, Gronk said plenty of other hilarious stuff during his chat with Rome. You can read some of it here.

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