Denver Broncos: Trevor Siemian Prepared For Challenges Ahead

Despite all of the rumors swirling around in regards to the quarterback position in Denver, Trevor Siemian is prepared to compete for the starting job.

When Peyton Manning retired from the NFL, the Broncos were in a tough spot.

After winning Super Bowl 50, the team turned to seventh round draft pick Trevor Siemian as their starter.

Needless to say, I think he did a pretty good job. But now it appears as if he will have to fight in order to start in 2017.

However, Siemian knew this was going to happen.

“It doesn’t bother me. That’s the deal I am in.” Siemian said on 104.3 The Fan on Wednesday. “I was a seventh round pick. I’m not as dumb as I look, I am going to have to fight and scratch and claw my way my whole career.”

Did I expect Trevor Siemian to be perfect and win every game in his first year as a starter? Of course not.

Trevor Siemian does remind me a bit of how much scrutiny and hardships that Matt Saracen went through during his high school quarterback days on “Friday Night Lights.”

Siemian represents Saracen and Paxton Lynch represents J.D. McCoy when I look at it.

I am behind whomever Vance Joseph decides to put out there as the starter.

If that is Paxton Lynch, so be it. I will be behind him. If it is Trevor Siemian for year two, I am behind him as well.

Trevor Siemian will do what he can to give himself the best chances to win the starting job. And I believe that all of Broncos Country needs to accept whomever Joseph chooses. Even if that means that Siemian will be the starter for the second straight year.

But I believe that Trevor Siemian will be ready to battle it out for the job and show that he deserves it just as much as Paxton Lynch or any quarterback does.

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