Colin Cowherd: Dallas Cowboys are a lock for 10 wins in 2017

Sports Radio and television host Colin Cowherd believes the Dallas Cowboys are a lock to win at least 10-games in the upcoming NFL regular season.

Following a 4-12 season in 2015, the Dallas Cowboys garnered certain benefits due to their previous troubles. A poor outing the previous season granted them a high selection in every round of last season’s draft as well as a more generous schedule to play against.

This offseason is a different story in Dallas. Following a 13-3 regular season record, the Cowboys now possess the 28th selection in the first round of the upcoming draft instead of the 4th overall pick. And the list of their upcoming opponents are no joke.

Despite those obstacles, national sports radio and television commentator Colin Cowherd still believes the Cowboys are capable of winning 10-games this year. Although he’s not sure he’d beat his 401K on it.

“Now you say Dallas, be very careful. Everybody gets a year, an offseason, to look at Dak Prescott‘s tape. It’s very difficult in the season.” Cowherd explained during a segment of his show The Herd titled Bet Your 401K. “…I would put them in the double digit wins. I feel well that Dallas will be at least 10-6. But on the Beat Your 401K theory, one team would be in my first-tier, 12-wins elite (New England}. I’d put Seattle, Dallas and Green Bay in the double-digit win category.”

Although Cowherd believes the Cowboys could win 10-games in the upcoming season, the noted sports commentator also listed several reasons Dallas could suffer in 2017. On top of the fact there is more game tape available on Prescott, Colin mentioned the Cowboys schedule as a likely obstacle.

Dallas upcoming opponents in 2017 are the 10-5-1 Seattle Seahawks, the 10-6 Green Bay Packers, the 12-4 Kansas City Chiefs, the 4-12 Los Angeles Rams, the 5-11 San Diego Chargers, the 7-8-1 Arizona Cardinals, the 11-5 Atlanta Falcons, the 12-4 Oakland Raiders, the 2-14 San Francisco 49ers and the 9-7 Denver Broncos.

Then there are Dallas’ NFC East rivalries against the 8-7-1 Washington Redskins, the 11-5 New York Giants and the 7-9 Philadelphia Eagles that take place twice a season.

Six of the teams the Dallas Cowboys will face in 2017 made it to the playoffs. And eight of the above clubs had winning records last year, with both Philly and Arizona being close with seven wins each.

Needless to say, Dallas will have a tough schedule to overcome this season. And winning 10-games this year might be even harder for the Cowboys than winning 13 contests last season. But hey, Cowherd is on the record saying he thinks this Dallas club can do it.

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