Brandon Marshall discusses Tom Brady, life after football, and more

The Dan Patrick Show featured wide receiver Brandon Marshall of the New York Jets who chimed in his thoughts on Tom Brady, plans after his NFL career, and of course, some trash-talking.

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall might have had an off year in 2016 with the New York Jets but either way, gave it his all on every play he was involved in. It’s hard to find positives in a season that ended 5-11 but at the very least, Marshall did all he could considering the terrible quarterback play and injuries that plagued him for most of the season.

On the Dan Patrick Show, Marshall recently chimed in his thoughts on many topics throughout Super Bowl week. Here’s a clip about whether or not he thinks quarterback Tom Brady is the best football player ever:

Of course, Marshall has a point in the grand scheme of things. Brady should be in the conversation for the best quarterback to ever play the game, but best football player ever? Those titles are usually for those that can play multiple positions and make an impact no matter where they are. Sorry Tom, can’t give you such a title.

When it comes to life after the NFL, Marshall should be able to pick what his next outlet will be. Here is what he had to say about the topic:

Marshall definitely has the perfect personality to do media work once he decides to hang it up. Whether it’s on television or radio, Marshall shouldn’t have any problems finding opportunities to speak his mind and about the latest in the NFL. It’s hard to tell if his retirement is coming anytime soon but the offseason decisions by the Jets might have a hand in whether or not he returns to playing football next season.

Finally, what does Marshall think about being able to outrun legendary cornerback Deion Sanders? Take a look below:

It’s hard to tell who would win in a race when both Marshall and Sanders were in their prime football shapes. Both players have made their impact in the game but during two different eras of professional football. Ultimately, to see them race each other in a 40-yard sprint would be pretty interesting to see, even if it’s in the future.

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Overall, Marshall provides some interesting insight on these three hot topics and also awaits to see what the Jets decide to do with him. Either way, Marshall continues to deliver his unique analysis during Super Bowl week.

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