White Sox: Should Front Office Offer Extension to Todd Frazier?

White Sox veteran slugger Todd Frazier would like to remain with team during rebuild. Will the Toddfather get an extension to play on the South Side?

The Chicago White Sox are in the midst of rebuilding, but third baseman Todd Frazier would like to remain on the South Side a little while longer. Frazier is in the last year of his contract and according to Scott Merkin of whitesox.com, he wants to stay with the White Sox.

Frazier arrived on the South Side via an offseason trade from the Cincinnati Reds in 2015. Although he hit a career low .225 last season, he led the White Sox in home runs with 40, a career high. According to Merkin, Frazier would like to stick around on the South Side and be a leader for the younger players coming up.

When the White Sox traded Chris Sale and Adam Eaton during the Winter Meetings, it signaled the start of rebuilding. With one year remaining on his contract, Frazier could be an intriguing trade candidate as this season progresses.

Despite this, Frazier sees the future of the White Sox being bright and would like to work out an extension with the front office. With the White Sox lacking a true leader, Frazier could be a solid option to lead the clubhouse over the next few seasons.

“Why not? Shoot, I would love to play here longer and help these young guys come up. I would love to be basically that leader that they wanted me to be last year as well.
Have I thought about free agency? Yeah, you are only human, but like I said, you have to play the game, play the team game, and the individual stuff will take care of itself and we’ll go from there.” Todd Frazier

The White Sox probably won’t extend Frazier as he will turn 31 on Feb. 12, and doesn’t fit into their current rebuilding plans. However, they would benefit by having him around for a few more years as they will need a veteran presence in the clubhouse.

If Frazier has a decent first half this season, it will be very hard for the White Sox not to trade him before the trading deadline. Although Frazier loves the city of Chicago, it makes sense for the White Sox to trade the slugger rather than offer him an extension.

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