Alexei Ramirez tricks broadcast booth with sneaky play on fly ball

(Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)

Alexei Ramirez and the butler from Mr. Deeds have quite a bit in common, apparently.

The very, very sneaky shortstop managed to dupe the Padres' broadcast booth on Tuesday night when he pretended that he had caught a fly ball in foul territory. Seeing Ramirez raise his glove with the ball inside, play-by-play guy Don Orsillo began to praise the Padres' infielder for making the great grab and running quite a ways to do so.

However, there are plenty of reasons to excuse Orsillo, widely considered one of the best broadcasters in baseball, for this slip-up. The first, obviously, is that Ramirez's play was quite smooth and stealthy. The second is that the angle of the shortstop's body shielded the broadcast booth from being able to tell that the ball had bounced in foul territory. And, finally, the play happened in the twelfth inning. By then, everybody is tired and nobody can be blamed for screwing up anything.

“In actuality, though, the ball bounced on the turf just in front of “Ramirez before it ultimately” found its way into his glove. The umpire saw this clearly, though Orsillo (and his broadcast partner Mark Grant) obviously did not”.