Jay Wright on Villanova’s 3-point shooting: ‘It’s contagious, you know, everyone starts hitting them’

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Jay Wright and Jalen Brunson tell Bill Raftery about Villanova's success from deep against Georgetown.

- But this is as good as I think I've seen you guys play.

- This is one of our best defensive games I think as a unit. I think we're just trying to get better every time we step on the court. And I think it just starts with us coming open minded to practice. And we're just going to keep trying to get better.

- We always talk about your ability, but certainly your leadership is extraordinary. The extra pass-- I mean, is it that way? Is that the Villanova way? Or is it your way?

JALEN BRUNSON: We're trying to make our way. It's definitely the Villanova way. Coaches try to embody that in us. But I think it's everyone just buying in or trying to buy in. We're not perfect, but we're trying to strive for perfection and trying to get better-- be as best as we can.

INTERVIEWER: Does he ever get upset with you on the offensive end?


Come on in, Jay.

JAY WRIGHT: Hot in here

- All the-- no, all the time. I think all the time.

- Right.

- But I think the most important thing is he wants me to be aggressive and just try to make the right play every time I'm in the game. So I mean, he's always on me. But I'm willing to be coached.

- You know, we watch your teams. And what impresses me the most is people try and go inside on mismatches. And you do such a great job fronting and helping one another outside. It's to perfection. Has to start at practice, I'm sure.

- Yeah. definitely. I mean, it starts with coach preaching in practice. And it starts with the captain just trying to get it through our systems. Gotta get it through our heads and get it to the younger guys. And I think we're doing a better job of that. And we're just trying to be the best that we can. I mean, we're not perfect, and we're not going to be perfect, like I said earlier. But we're going to keep trying to get better.

- I know Jay would never do this, but you're dismissed, by the way. You know, you--


Thanks for dropping in.

- Thank you. Thank you.

- Congratulations on another great night. I think as good as I've seen. You know better, but--

- Yeah. Well, when you make every shot. I mean, we've been on the other side of this, too, you know. Butler did this to us. They just made every shot. We're coming down in transition hitting 25-footers. There's really nothing you can do. It's fun when your guys are doing it, though. And then it's contagious, you know. Everybody starts hitting them.

- When you played, and you were a pretty good shooter, were you permitted to take the shots--

- No.

- --that deep? And successfully.

- Actually, I played for Charlie Woollum. He did. He let us. Yeah. If you were--

INTERVIEWER: I coached against Charlie.

JAY WRIGHT: If you were a shooter, he let you shoot. He really did. And we have a saying-- shoot them up, sleep in the streets, which means you can't be afraid on that night when you're not making them. They're not gonna let you in the house. You gotta sleep in the streets. You can't be afraid of that.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, you know, you played this club-- traditional Big East. Now you go up 95 and see one of your old pals, too, Kevin Ollie.

JAY WRIGHT: Yeah, Kevin Ollie's doing a great job up there at Connecticut. We haven't play them, I don't think, since the Big East ended. And they used to be some battles. So I know the Villanova people are really excited about an old Big East battle. Villanova people always get excited about this program. Patrick's doing a good job. These guys are gonna-- they're gonna be good. And we love these old Big East battles.

- You know, you're a pleasant guy to be around on occasion.

- My wife doesn't think so.

- You've gotta find something wrong. I know you're not gonna go to go the locker room saying, great job, fellas.

- Tonight I might.

- What are you gonna nitpick?

- No, no, tonight I might. Tonight I might. Because you know, I thought we did a good job defensively. We've been getting better defensively. And as long as we keep steps in that direction, I'm happy. So I'm actually gonna be happy tonight.

- Nice to meet with a happy coach on occasion. But of course, another happy guy back in LA is Rob Stone. Back to you, Rob.