Creighton gets its seventh-straight victory against Nebraska with a 75-65 win over the Cornhuskers

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The Creighton Bluejays earn their seventh-straight victory against Nebraska with a 75-65 win over the Cornhuskers.

ANNOUNCER 1: Really good skip pass. Palmer's going to have to knock down some of those 3's.

ANNOUNCER 2: Hegner for 3. He gets the lead right back.

ANNOUNCER 1: And that's the other side--

ANNOUNCER 2: Nebraska. The Cornhuskers. Underneath, Tshimanga.


Got it, and the foul.

ANNOUNCER 3: [INAUDIBLE], and he said he was outside the restricted area, and that's the reason for the change, as now Khyri Thomas puts it in and makes--

ANNOUNCER 2: Foster, fading away on the baseline, hits it. He's a scorer. He was held to cer--

And the rebound comes out to Ty-Shon Alexander. Up ahead, Ballock to the hoop, finishing with a run.

ANNOUNCER 1: --from 3. One of those games.

ANNOUNCER 2: How about this, you've got Watson against Harrell Jr. Watson just hanging, let Harrell go by. Taylor for 3. Rims it. Rebound chased down by Copeland. Fresh 30 here for Nebraska. Roby goes baseline, throws down the dunk. Woohoo.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tough matchup for Hegner.

ANNOUNCER 2: McVeigh, good ball fake.


Copeland. He got it. And the foul.

Mintz. In the corner, Ballock for 3. No. Harrell, the rebound tipped Ballock.

Along the baseline, instant trouble. Shot clock down to 5 and the turnover. Ballock up ahead. Here's Thomas. Thomas the finger roll, gets it a go.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's an outstanding lead pass from Ballock. In and out--

ANNOUNCER 2: Krampelj left open for 3. Now puts it on the floor. Hangs, gets his own miss. In some trouble, Thomas.


He get's fouled, puts it in, and he'll go to the free throw line and try to convert the 3-point play.

Watson. Good job, spinning that double. Leaves it off for Copeland, and again Nebraska has the answer.

Again, trying to push it. Good bounce past for Foster. Able to get it to go. Foster thought he got fouled on the dunk attempt.

Mintz. Fakes the pass. His pull-up jumper is good.

ANNOUNCER 1: But Ballock's knocked down a few so both defenders run up--

ANNOUNCER 2: Ballock. Harrell, nice spin move. Leads it off for Krampelj. And Creighton back on top by 2.

Ballock, alley-oop for Krampelj, puts it off the glass. Really good adjustment by--

--some bucket on this trip. Corner 3 for Gill. Kept alive by Copeland. Adjusts and puts it in. What a play by Isaac Copeland.

Went and looked at. So it's a 4 point lead right now for Creighton. Gill the kickback, Roby for 3, yes. 1 point game.

ANNOUNCER 1: Boy, what a set from Tim--

But now you pull out, you run some offense. Foster.


ANNOUNCER 2: Gets fouled, and the finish.

ANNOUNCER 1: See, and that's why you pull it out. You find--

ANNOUNCER 2: Gill for 3. Big shot by Anton Gill.

Ballock. And he puts it in.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nebraska did a good job sniffing that out.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here's Foster getting inside, has it blocked, gets it again, puts it up, and puts it in.

ANNOUNCER 1: Strength, toughness--

ANNOUNCER 2: Watson Jr. Shot clock at 10. Roby rolling, puts it in with a right.

ANNOUNCER 1: Good patience, good pass. Understanding that a quick roll can be open.

ANNOUNCER 2: Harrell quickly to the hoop, has it blocked by Roby, the putback by Krampelj.

75-65. Seven straight in the in-state rivalry.