Shannon Sharpe on Le’Veon Bell’s potential Week 7 return: ‘The most important situation is in the locker room’

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Shannon Sharpe explains why the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room is important to watch for in Le'Veon Bell's potential Week 7 return.

- Le'Veon alone can't help the situation. But the most important situation on the field is in the locker room. Because he's heard what they said about him. He thought we were all good. We've been riding this thing for the last three or four years. I'm getting 1,000 yards, 1,300 yards, I'm all-pro, best back. I'm getting you watches, showing my love and appreciation.

And the one time I need you all to stand behind me to really block for me, now you come out and start talking about my money, talking about basically I'm being selfish, I'm leaving you guys high and dry. So, Skip, you hear Ben says, you know everything is outside. Nah, bruh.

The problem is that you really have is on the inside and it's manifesting itself on the outside. But what Le'Veon has done by him not being playing, we ain't been talking about Ben and how Ben playing like a slop bucket out there. Ben been playing real bad, real shaky, Skip Bayless.

See, we look at the situation where, oh, look at Ben, he threw for another 500. But what about those five turnovers in their loss to Jacksonville? Oh, Ben had a monster day. Yeah, but they lost 45-42 and he fumbled the ball that gave up a scoop and score. Ben's been playing real, real shaky and that's being overlooked because Le'Veon is not there.