Shannon Sharpe has a problem with Earl Thomas flipping off the sidelines

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk NFL. Hear what they had to say about Earl Thomas and the Seattle Seahawks after Week 4 of the NFL season.

- I absolutely have a problem with it, Skip. And Pete Carroll, you're being disingenuous. You're not speaking the truth. You know where it was aimed.

I didn't agree with with what Earl Thomas said last week, Skip, because I don't believe you voice-- you might-- and there have been guys that felt that way. But you don't voice that. Oh, I'm not practicing, or I'm not doing this unless I'm 100%, because I got to protect myself. And so I disagree with what he said last year.

I even more disagree with this. I understand you're frustrated, and it's rightfully so. Because the team-- everything is weighted so heavily for the team, Jennie, the franchise tag. A player signs a five-year deal. He underperforms in year two, year three. They release the player.

Ask [INAUDIBLE] why he's sitting at home. [INAUDIBLE] signed a five-year contract. They cut him after the third year. He has two years remaining. Oh, the team is doing what's in the best interest.

Earl Thomas has outperformed that contract. But the team said, you signed the contract. Pro Football Focus-- and we use a lot of their metrics-- had Earl Thomas rated the best defender thus far this year, better than Khalil Mack, better than DeMarcus, Lawrence Taylor, better than JJ Watt, better than Von Miller. The number one rated defensive player going into week four was Earl Thomas. And he wanted money.

The only problem that I have with Earl-- Earl, you got to make a decision. Either you're going to sit it down, which you should have done, because this should have been a two year process. You should have started started thinking, man, I'm playing my tail off. I'm out-performing this contract. So I don't know if Earl is mad. But if he's mad, he goes to Mama, says, look here, I know that house we're talking about getting. We're not going to do that. I'm telling Mom and Dad, there is nothing coming out. I'm telling my homeboys, my family, there'll be no money going out.

I'm saving for this day. I'm going to put the pressure on the Seattle Seahawks. Either you're going to move me, or you're going to give me a contract extension, because I'm not coming in. That's what he should have done. But he feared this into existence.

It's hard to play this game an entire season, Skip. You know. You covered it. It's hard to play it with the style of football that he plays. He plays reckless. He plays with abandon. He's going after the football. And when you have big men flying around like that, thing things happen. Ligaments tear up. Legs break.

So now where is Earl Thomas? I believe he is about to be 30. Suffered his second broken leg in three years.

- Same leg.

JENNY TAFT: Same leg, yeah.

SHANNON SHARPE: So now, teams are looking like, hold on, brah. You're about to be 30. You suffered a broken leg twice in three years. And when you didn't get your way, you caused a fit. You say, if you don't like the way a situation's going, you're not going practice if you have a headache. And now you flipping people off. So I don't want that in my locker room.

So he's done. Sometimes, Skip, a temporary lapse in judgment can cause a permanent stain on how people perceive you. Earl Thomas is not a bad guy. He was a guy that just frustrated. And you hear me say it all the time, you know, sometimes when emotion is high, logic is very, very low. And this was the situation. And probably if he had it to do over again, Skip, he would do it differently.

But Pete Carroll know. John Schneider know exactly where that was coming from. That had nothing to do with his team.

SKIP BAYLESS: That is correct.

- And his teammates understand Earl. But I tell you what. Le'Veon Bell say, now y'all see what I'm talking about. Now you see why I won't see y'all until week 11.

SKIP BAYLESS: That is true.

- That's when I'm coming in. And he had a tweet out, "Shaking my head. Exactly. Get right, bro." He's sending this to Earl on Twitter.

SKIP BAYLESS: Off a Bobby Wagner quote.

- Off of Bobby Wagner's quote. "I'll continue to be the bad guy for all of us."