Shannon Sharpe shocks Skip Bayless with his Cavaliers-Raptors Game 1 pick

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Shannon Sharpe shocks Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor by picking the Toronto Raptors to win Game 1 against LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers in Round two of the 2018 NBA Eastern Conference playoffs. Will LeBron's Cavs fall to the Raptors in Game 1?

- Shannon, who wins tonight?

- I'm going to take Toronto, Skip, for the simple--

- Are you really?

- Yes I am.

- Well, you just said that, like, matter of factly. Like, that's-- we've got to stop the presses here. This is an announcement!

- It's not an announcement. Because I think the thing is that, in tonight's game, LeBron is going to establish the guys and say, look, guys, I still believe in you. Skip, as great as LeBron is, and we know he's all-time great-- he's transcended great. But he can't drag them along.

SKIP BAYLESS: Drag them along?

- Skip, think about this. In the four wins in the last series, he averaged 42, 11, and 7. They won those four games by a combined 14 points. After that effort, this team is much deeper than Indiana. They go legit 9, 10 deep, and Dwane Casey does not have a problem playing any guy that comes off his bench 20 plus minutes. You know Lance Stephenson ain't getting no-- Lance Stephenson played how many minutes in game seven, Skip? Did he play 10? If he played 10, he played 30.

SKIP BAYLESS: He didn't go with him.

- Exactly So Dwane Casey feels very comfortable in playing anybody on his bench multiple minutes, because they've shown him that he can have confidence in them. They are a very deep team. J.R.-- I'm not going to expect J.R. To give us 15 points, because he has the toughest job. He has to defend DeRozan, or he had to defend Oladipo. So anything he gives us 10 or better, that's a bonus.

But Kevin Love, the second best player on your roster, Skip, cannot average 11 points when he was basically a 17 and 10 guy in the regular season. He can't. As the third best player, Kevin Love was giving you 18, 19 a game. As the second best he's going to give you 11 with more attempts? That can't happen.

And I do believe that after the guys have gotten their feet wet, I feel that Rodney Hood-- I hope. Knock on wood. Come on, Hood. Because I haven't been able to tweet "I'm so Hood" in a long time, Skip. I even forgot the lyrics to the song, Joy. I used to know it all the way through, but he's ain't been making no shots for me.

Jordan Clarkston and Larry Nance-- Larry Na-- I don't know. I mean, LeBron, you can just throw the ball anywhere. He can just grab it and dunk it. Now the ball all out of bounds, he looking all between, like, oh my goodness. He's like Waldo. Which way did he go, Skip?

But LeBron James will not be aggressive tonight. He'll show the guys that he still has confidence in them by trying to get those guys involved. This is a feel-out game, but game 2 I expect him to put that cape back on and cape up for a minute, do what he does.