Skip Bayless explains why LeBron James is out of the MVP race

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless explains why despite LeBron James averaging a triple-double for the past two months, King James should not be crowned NBA MVP over favorite James Harden.

SKIP BAYLESS: Joy, can I just explain what has happened to my man sitting across the table here?

SHANNON SHARPE: What happened?

SKIP BAYLESS: LeShannon Sharpe.

SHANNON SHARPE: I got glasses.

SKIP BAYLESS: About a week ago, LeBron publicly stated, I would vote for myself for MVP. So LeShannon and all the blind witnesses out there started saying, I will vote for a LeBron. I will vote for LeBron. LeBron told me to vote for him tomorrow.

SHANNON SHARPE: And they should.

JOY TAYLOR: The zombies are back.

SKIP BAYLESS: They're all back. They're back, and you're the leader of the LeBron zombies. You're making a delusionally futile case that he should actually be the MVP.


SKIP BAYLESS: When you know and I know two things are way over. LeBron will never pass Michael Jeffrey Jordan in the big picture. And he will not pass James Harden for this year's MVP in the smaller picture. It is over, and it's been over for about a month.

SHANNON SHARPE: He should be in the front of both of them already.

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, yeah, know he should, says LeShannon Sharpe.


SKIP BAYLESS: He had a great month. But you can't win--


SKIP BAYLESS: MVP just one month, really, just March.


SKIP BAYLESS: I'll give him March. But I won't give him anything else. But let's look at degree of difficulty, D-O- D, as in your argument, is dod in the water as in dead in the water.


SKIP BAYLESS: So, the West is by far the best. I think we would agree with that, right?


SKIP BAYLESS: So James Harden had merely led a team in the West to a 62 and 15 record. That is extraordinary. And he was missing his partner in crime, his new sidekick and back up, Chris Paul III for 23 games. That's a quarter of the season, 23 games. So is that not a degree of difficulty in the West to go 62 and 15? Meanwhile in the East, which we say is by far the least of the two conferences.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's what you say.

SKIP BAYLESS: That's what everybody says. LeBron James has managed to lead his team to a 47 and 30 record, 47 and 30, that's not that great. Because that means you have twice as many losses as James Harden's team, 15 to 30. That means you trail James Harden's team by 15 games in the overall NBA standings. And you're trying to tell me that the best player on that team should be the MVP over the best player on the other team?


SKIP BAYLESS: That's just foolishness. That's just wrong. That's just a pathetic argument. You know it and I know it. So let's go back to what happened from Christmas day for the next 19 games. That was a big chunk. That's another quarter of the season, 19 games. There was Dwayne Wade. And for a while LeBron was making the case that Dwayne Wade was the sixth man of the year. Remember that case that he was making?


SKIP BAYLESS: And over that stretch, LeBron James had a plus minus of minus 147. That's 19 games. That was the worst in the whole NBA out of 518 players. Think about that. Your man that you are now pushing for MVP of this league went 19 straight games, big chunk of the season, and had the worst plus minus in the whole league. And you're saying he wasn't disqualified merely by that 19-game stretch?


SKIP BAYLESS: Did that count? Was that part of the year?