Shannon Sharpe reveals why he believes Bill Belichick is open to parting ways with Gronk

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reveals why he believes New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is open to parting ways with Rob Gronkowski.

- But let's talk about this Gronk situation. I don't believe Rob Gronkowski's value will be any higher than what it is right now. Because this is what everybody else knows. Rob Gronkowski is healthy.

During the season, Skip, because he plays a physical game, which is the game of professional football, and the type of player that he is-- he does not avoid contact-- he's going to get nicked. The question is, is it nicked-- he miss the rest of that game, does he miss one game, or does he miss eight to the rest of the season games?

- He's had about 15 different injuries.

- Exactly. So could I see Coach Belichick parting ways with Rob Gronkowski? Absolutely. Because he's wavering. Do I want to play? Do I not want to play? And his injury history.

I believe Rob Gronkowski, when it's-- the truth behind this, Skip, he wants a new deal. $9 million is not nearly enough for Rob Gronkowski. And he deserves. He deserves Antonio Brown, Julio Jones-type money.

So if you tear that contract up, you give him 30 million guaranteed over the first two years, Rob Gronkowski will stop waffling. He'll say, I'll hold off on Hollywood.