Shannon Sharpe reacts to LeBron’s Cavs comeback win in Toronto

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In his discussion on LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers 132-129 comeback win over the Toronto Raptors, Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor how impressed he was with LeBron who finished with 35 points, 17 assists and zero turnovers. The Cavs have now won 3 straight.

- How impressive was LeBron last night?

- I'm running out of adjectives? I don't know if--

- Well, make one up.

- I don't know if Merriam-Webster has enough in her thesaurus for all these adjectives that I can heap upon this young man. Skip, I'm done.

- He's not a young man, but go ahead.

- He's a young man. He's a young man-- 33 years of age. Right!

SKIP BAYLESS: 15th year-- go ahead.

- Don't do that, Skip. I mean, sometimes, I think if I had 1,000 tongues, I couldn't praise him enough-- if I just had 1,000 tongues!

- Lord have mercy. Did you just say that?

- [LAUGHS] Skip Bayless! Skip--

- I think I'm going to start speaking in tongues over here.

- Shannon's been watching a lot of televangelists.

- Yeah! Yeah!

- That's his new thing.

- Because you are a televangelist.

- Yeah, you know, they me Creflo No Dollars!

- Yeah, and we know about false prophets, don't we?

- No, that's the real thing. Stop it, Skip Bayless. You need to stop. The Cavaliers had no business winning this game. Like you tell me, Skip, this is a meaningless game on a Wednesday night. Now, there is a 12-game-- the Cavs-- that game-- so now, there's 11 games left in their season. Toronto was going into that game with 11 and 1/2 games up. So there's no chance of them catching the Raptors.

You're down by 15. You've just given up 79 at the half. And now somebody forwarded me over text, oh, Skip Bayless tweeted that, come on, King, you better than that. You let VanVleet shoot that ball in the corner?

- We're going to get to that.

- I got on my thing, you know?

- We're definitely going to show with that.

- I got a Buffalo Wild Wings phone. I can call LeBron--

- Oh, really?

- --straight up in the locker room.

- Can you really?

- I said, I need you to go on and do what you're supposed to do now. Don't play with them. Mm-hmm. And you know what happened. Skip, they got no business--

- Do you follow me on Twitter?

- No! People be sending me that stuff like I need to-- I hear him every day!

- Why are you reading it?

- 'Cause I need to know what you're talking about, my man. Why are you talking about LeBron? That's my partner. That ain't your partner, Skip!

But anyway, they had no business winning that game, Skip. You know that. You look at Valanciunas and Poeltl-- 14 to 19, 32 points, 16--

SKIP BAYLESS: Jakob Poeltl, yeah.

- Yeah, Jakob. You remember Yakov Smirnoff?


- The Russian--


- But anyway, yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: Comedian. Yes. Go ahead.

- Yeah. Kyle Lowry had it going. DeMar DeRozan was doing what he does. The bench, they got outscored-- what-- 58 to 32. They got no business winning that game. And I know what you're-- I know what you're going to say.

SKIP BAYLESS: You don't know what I'm going to say.

- I know.

SKIP BAYLESS: You have no idea.

- But if you look at Toronto, the way they shot the ball in the first half, Skip, I mean, that could be demoralizing.

SKIP BAYLESS: I would say.

- Very demoralizing. But LeBron James said, nah, not today, not on my watch. I'm going to show you why. Although there is a great chance I'm not going to win the MVP, I'm the best player in the league, and I'm the king. I'm the beast in the East. And if you want to go in--


- --you want to go to the finals, you're going to have to deal with me in some shape, form, or fashion. That's what he said last night. And you know what Toronto's thinking right now? I don't know what I have to do! 'Cause we can't play much better than what we played. What do I have to do to get this man up out of here?

And Lebron says, nah. And Kevin Love-- you know what, Skip Bayless? You saw the play that he did to Kevin Love last night. He went through the lane. And how he made that pass, I don't know. How did he know Kevin Love was-- that's neither here nor there.

That was the exact same play in a Wednesday night, middle of the week game against the Toronto Raptors that has nothing-- he made the same play in game three to Kyle Korver in the short corner. The only difference between the two-- one went in and one didn't.

Everybody heaps praise. Oh, look. Did you see LeBron made that play? But LeBron James-- I tell you, Skip Bayless. It's never the wrong decision if you make the right play. And in both situations, there was a right play. One went in and one didn't.

SKIP BAYLESS: Completely different players, but we'll get to that.

- No, no, Skip. But Skip, 35-- [INAUDIBLE] said they just started keeping turnovers in the early '70s. And the NBA has been going on for 70-plus years. This is the most assists without a turnover in NBA history.

The man, you know, scored or assisted on 80 points-- second most of his career. He should have a little bit more, because Kevin Love missed a bunny. So did Jeff Green.

- It happens.

- But with withstanding, depleted as they are, LeBron James refused last night to let them lose. He sent a message, Toronto. Y'all played good. You had a great-- you had a good season, baby dinosaur!

Skip, they were blowing up my timeline last night. What you think about the baby dinosaurs? We the North!

- Why are you reading this stuff during the game? Why do you let it go in your psyche?

SHANNON SHARPE: Because I wanted--

- It just corrupts your thinking.

SHANNON SHARPE: No, it doesn't.

- It does.

- The baby dinosaur then what the elephant left on the showground. What he left? You know.

- What have I been telling you all week?

- What?

- Toronto is still Toronto.

- Did I not tell you yesterday?

- You did. Skip, they're better, though!

- It was gonna be a wipeout!

- They're a good team, though.