Shannon Sharpe says that the Cleveland Cavaliers should only use an 8 or 9 man rotation

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Shannon Sharpe reacts to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers' 14-point loss to Isaiah Thomas, Lonzo Ball and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night. What does Cavs head coach Ty Lue need to do to get his team back on track?

- Did you see that pass by LeBron?

- Mm.

- Did you see that LeBron had the ball like this. Joy, you see it? Joy, he like--

JOY TAYLOR: It was an amazing pass.

- Like magic.

- It was just amazing.

- Not, Magic Johnson, magic, because that was--

- I know. And Magic is sitting over here on the sideline-- well, was actually standing--

- Yeah.

- --and he's watching his baby Lakers beat the best player on the planet by 14?

SHANNON SHARPE: They beat the brakes off them.

- Wow.


SKIP BAYLESS: How did that happen?

- Why can't I give the Lakers credit? I gave the Lakers credit.

SKIP BAYLESS: You did, you did. And the only good news for your Cavs last night is that Kyrie still has a knee issue. So you got that going for you. He's going to have to sit a while. But again--

SHANNON SHARPE: Them baby dinosaurs playing good.

- OK, so they just about got the East wrapped up. So Kyrie's saying, OK, I'm going to take the rest of the year, the regular season off, basically. Because we're still-- the Celtics are seven clear of Indiana in the third spot. So there's no real need for Kyrie to play. I hope his knee is OK. But at least you got a chance if he's got a bad knee, a chance.

SHANNON SHARPE: Right now, I mean, I'm looking at the little baby dinosaurs. They playing really well.


- DeMar DeRozan can't miss.


- I mean, he's getting buckets. I mean, I thought Houston had them there the other night, and then he hit that big bucket on Harden.


- Give them credit, they're playing well. Kyle Lowry, they're playing--

SKIP BAYLESS: Starting to get nervous?

- They're playing well. All I want to see is the Cavaliers get their group back together.


- Get healthy, get a couple of weeks of play in, Ty Lue will be able to pin down a rotation and go from there. We ain't looking but to go about eight, nine deep.


- That's it.


- So there gonna be some people that's going to be left out of the mix.


- It's OK.


- Yeah.

- So people are getting healthy.

SHANNON SHARPE: These cookies we're making ain't gonna have-- you know, some of them might have a little sugar. Some might have some little Reese's Pieces. But everybody gonna get an opportunity to get in these cookies, Joy.

SKIP BAYLESS: So after that, no more injury excuses for LeBron James?

SHANNON SHARPE: We're not making excuses.

- I think maybe you're not, but he is.

- No, no, no, he is not making excuses.

- You need to give him a call.

- He's stating the obvious.

- Oh, really?

- Oh, you didn't know-- did you see Rodney Hood? Did you see Cedi? Did you see Tristan?

- So now we're--

- Did you see Kevin Love?

- Now we're making Cedi like a big deal, like a very valuable cog?

- Yeah.

- Oh.

- He's a rotational player, Skip.

- OK

- And now he's out of the rotation.

- Is LeBron James still the best player on the planet or not?

- I think Kevin Durant took that over there.

- Oh!


- And took them to [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh, thank you for admitting that, thank you.

- Kevin Durant--

- That is the god's truth.

- Kevin Durant on his best day is not better than LeBron.

- Mm.

- You know that.

- Where's the rub-off factor? Where's the contagious star power, where he just lifts what's left of the Cavaliers--

- I don't know.

- --against the Clippers and the Lakers?

- Where was it in-- hold on. You do know Minnesota beat them without Jimmy Buckets?

- Oh.

- Where was Jimmy Buckets?

- Oh.

- Now imagine if they'd a had Jimmy Buckets. They might won by 20.

- Where was Karl-Anthony Towns?

- Oh! He was there.

- Oh, he was in the box score. Did you see his numbers?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, what about KD?

- Oh, we're gonna talk about that.

- Are you telling me--

JOY TAYLOR: We'll talk about that a little later.