Skip Bayless reacts to LeBron’s ‘Young King’ message to Philly’s rookie Ben Simmons on Instagram

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Skip Bayless reacts to an Instagram message LeBron James wrote about Philadelphia 76ers' rookie Ben Simmons calling him 'The Young King' and says he's 'Next in Line'. Simmons scored 18 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists in Philly's win against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- You lose to a team at home. And this is the opposite of Michael Jordan. So after you lost to that team at home, King James goes to his Instagram. And he posts, told y'all a while back that my young king, Ben Simmons, was next in line.

Getting better and better every night. Tonight another example of that. Fun to watch. Yeah, LeBron watched him go all the way down the lane and dunk it.

- Yeah, and he prevented it one time. And you criticized him.

- Fun to watch and to compete against you again. And then he's got all the process. I mean, you know, an @joelembiid on here. I don't know. If I'm a Cavs fans, seriously, if I'm a Cavs fan this morning, I'm not real pleased with this. Because it's a love fest with the Sixers visiting, who are a potential destination next year for LeBron James.

- So?

And obviously there are rampant reports out of Philadelphia. I don't know if any of them are true. And LeBron just scoffed at him the other day. About that he was there at the end of all-star break scouting schools for his kids.

Or maybe a representative of his was there scouting schools for his kids, Bryn Mawr Prep. I don't know. Who knows? Malvern Prep.

- In '96 when the Bulls went 72 and 10, and they were on this long winning streak, can you tell the people the team that beat them?

- I don't know.

- The worst team in the NBA, Charlotte.

- OK.

- Oh, yeah. So Michael Jordan, as great as he was, lost to a bottom feeder in Charlotte.

- And then did Michael Jordan, who's from North Carolina, go to social media? Because there was no social media.

- There was none.

- No, let's just do this. Did he go to the media after the game and say, you know what? It was so much fun competing against a team from my home state. And I love those guys. And I would love to play with those guys some day. Did he say that?

- No, he probably went to the blackjack table.

- Well, maybe.

- That's where he probably went, huh, Skip?

- Where'd you go All-Star weekend? Did you go to any parties All-Star weekend?

- Yeah, I went to a party, Joy.

- Which one?

- I was cordially invited to attend the one jump man party.

- Really?

- Yeah.

- Well, that's the end of that deal.

- --part?

- That was a nice party too. That was a nice party. Had nice food.

- So the other question I have, the final question about this game, and again--

- What?

- LeBron did great things on offense. And in just a few minutes, we're going to talk about the "greatest play ever of his career," quote unquote. But--

- He said "one of."

- Do you realize-- one of. Do you realize that that's 18 straight times that the Cavaliers were trailing going to the fourth quarter that they did not come back to win?

- Yeah.

- 18 straight times and you have the Mount Rushmore far left player on your team?

- I, see, I sent the construction company to South Dakota. They're not starting yet.

- So you're making a case he is the greatest player in the history of the game. And 18 straight times, his team has trailed going to the fourth. And it trailed, what, was it by 6 last night going to the fourth? And he hasn't once pulled off one comeback, not one time?

- He score 15 points too.

- That's shocking to me.

- And I thought the 20 they scored the other night with bad, boy, 15.

- 15 when?

- They scored 15 points in the third quarter.

- The third quarter, that was terrible.

- That was terrible.

- But they gave up 31 in the fourth. And they scored 26. And usually 26 would be pretty good. It might be good enough to get you home. Nope.

- Not when you give up 31, it's not.

- Not good enough, especially when you trailed by 6. So once again, there doesn't seem to be any comeback in this team. And once upon a time, there was this guy up in Chicago. And all he did was come back.


- It's all he did. Every night he came back.

- All I want Ty Lue to do is just let-- do what you-- stop trying to run these plays. Because here's the thing, Skip. You're trying to get guys ingratiated. You're going have to scrap this when Kevin Love comes back.

So just say, go get a spot. LeBron, do what you've been doing when you would, go with to Boston and bust them upside the head. He did the same thing to OKC. Don't worry about running plays. Because the roles are going to change again once Kevin Love gets back.

- OK, well he can't get back fast enough. And then I'm sure he can't turn into the scapegoat fast enough.

- Well, we know he's our second best player. So we need, Skip, when the shots are not falling, you need somebody that can go down on the block that you can throw him the ball and he can get you a bucket. There's nobody outside of LeBron that can do that.

- Do we know if LeBron is going to Philly next year?

- No, we haven't discussed that yet. Right now, Bron is in the process.

- We haven't had that conversation?

- Bron is not worried about Philly. He's not worried about Houston. He's not worried about San Antonio. Bron is focused on the itinerary, the agenda--

- I don't know. I mean, it sounds like he likes the process.

- Loves the process.

- He loves it. That's what, he don't cheat the process. You heard him say, he's never cheated the process. That's why he got 30,000 [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, way to go, Jordan Clarkson. And I do appreciate that Jordan Clarkson to my knowledge posted nothing on social media after the game.

- He's probably not even on social media.

- He might not be, which I like.

- But LeBron got like 40 million Twitter followers.

- Everyone's his friend. So he should have a lot of--

- Everybody ain't our friend.

- Billy is.

- I know somebody.

- Every Sixer is.