Rob Parker on LeBron’s new-look Cavs: ‘They are championship frauds, no closer to beating the Warriors’

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Rob Parker joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor to discuss LeBron James and the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland is 5-2 since the trade deadline, but Rob is not convinced they are a better team and no closer to beating the Golden State Warriors in the NBA playoffs.

- Rob, how much are the Cavs now?

- They aren't any better. I'm going to say this until the cows come home. All right, that's for you, Shan. That's a good reference.

SHANNON: The cows are already in the barn.

- OK. And let's say this. They are championship frauds. That's what the Cavaliers are. Period. They are no closer to beating the Warriors.

I don't care about the younger, more energetic guys that they got. Let's just go over.

Here's the-- they're 5 and 2 since the trade. 1 and 2 at home. And let's go.

Other than those first two wins against the Celtics and Thunder, which got everybody all worked up, let's see who they've beaten, Memphis, the Hawks, the Nets. And in that Nets game, they give up 123 points to the Brooklyn Nets.

There's nothing here when they've lost 9 out of 14. The Cavaliers are giving it up 117 points. Now they're giving up 107 against these weak teams in the NBA.

LeBron James will not get it done with Hood, with Hill, with Clarkson, and with Nance. They're younger. They are more energetic, but they're not better. They're not better. This team is not better. And you know it.

SHANNON: Much better.

- When they play these teams-- and I'm going to tell you this. Are you ready? Shannon, this is for you.

Last year, they lost in a five-game sweep to the Warriors. This year-- I'm ready right here on the record-- the Cavaliers will get swept by the Warriors. That's how bad this team is compared to what they had.

When they had Kyrie, when they had a healthy Kevin Love, they couldn't get it done. They lost in a five-game sweep. They will get swept this year in the NBA Finals.

SHANNON: I'm not listening to you.

- Listen.

- You're rooting for the Pistons and the--

ROB: I'm not rooting for anybody. I'm a reporter. I don't root for anybody. I don't root for anybody.