Skip Bayless was ‘not impressed’ with James Harden’s crossover on Clippers’ Wesley Johnson

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Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he wasn't impressed with James Harden's crossover on Los Angeles Clippers' defender Wesley Johnson. The Houston Rockets went on to win their 14th straight game.

- I was not impressed. This was classic internet overreaction to what, for this guy-- and I'm giving him high marks here, because this guy does this just about every night to somebody. And given what he's done to a lot of other somebodies, this was pretty routine for James Harden to me.

It's a little bit classic Shannon Sharpe overreaction. But it's OK. I get it.

Because the one thing that disturbed me about this play was-- the reason I can't go Gaga over this play is, he didn't really break Wesley Johnson's ankles as in, crossed him over, crossed him up. He just loses his balance and goes down.

SHANNON SHARPE: What happened?

SKIP BAYLESS: There was a little push-off going on. There was a little right forearm to the chest to Wesley Johnson. And if we could see it for the 9,788th time-- which is fine. I can't get enough of it either. It's fun to watch. There's a little-- ooh! There's a low forearm push to the chest.

I wouldn't have called it. But I'm just saying, if we're going to rank this play as all-time posterize on the perimeter, great. Because that's what it is. James Harden posterizes on the perimeter. He doesn't posterize above the rim. It's on the perimeter. And I give you that. Because nobody's ever done it quite the way he-- is he the greatest [INAUDIBLE]? No, he's not. Trust me.

That guy in Chicago-- that ghost that LeBron will never catch-- he was the greatest [INAUDIBLE]


- And it's not even close. But we don't need to go there today. Because we went and went and went there yesterday. And you got battered. And it's OK.

But back to this. James Harden--


- Yes, you did. So it's a little bit of a push-off-- again, not to-- I'm not going to blow the whistle on it. Because it's part of his-- as he calls it-- I've been in my bag all year. And he means bag of tricks. Because he's got all kinds of tricks. And that was one of his best tricks.

And he gets Wesley Johnson going a little bit backward. But he helped his momentum backward, and then he fell down. But was it crossed up, crossed over fall down? No, was it broken ankle fall down? No.

But then I'm going to give you-- I'll give him high marks for how he rubbed it in. Because he really, really rubbed it in. He stare-down rubbed it in. And then he waited, and then he spun the ball. And then Teodosic says, I guess I gotta make a run at him, because you're not getting up.

- I wouldn't have done it. Because what happens, Skip, when the guy gets beat, and you chase him into the end zone? Everybody thinks that it was you--


SHANNON SHARPE: --that gave up the play.

- Now, it's Teodosic. If I just caught the tail end of it, I'm like, Teodosic got a three-ball in his eye.