Lil Wayne reveals how LeBron’s Cavs can compete against the best in the West

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Lil Wayne joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor on Undisputed to discuss the NBA All-Star's new format, Can LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers compete against the Golden State Warriors and Kyrie Irving's trade to Boston.

- The game was cool. It was a good game. It was something good to see, not every year. I mean, in the format, the team-- that was-- it was cool. It was cool. But I wouldn't want to see it every year done like that.

- You wouldn't want to see it every year like that? I thought it was because it was more competitive-- because clearly, all the talent's in the West, Wayne. I mean, can you imagine if Anthony Davis and KD, and Steph, and Klay, and Russ, all those guys, and then all the East got hurt. I mean, Kevin Lowe was out, Porzingis was out.

- Sure. I mean, like I said, it was good for this year. Let's hope next year, everybody, all the East stars isn't hurt. And if they do it-- I always looked at it like well, this is the time where the best of the East players can get together and show, this is the stage. You show no-- we aren't-- that we aren't that-- we aren't-- we don't suck compared to the West. And then they'll beat 'em.

- But they do though. I mean, you got LeBron. You got-- you got Kyrie. You got like-- if you really look at it, you've got like four or five players in the East, where the West has like 15. They go 15 deep. And Karl-- think about it. Karl-Anthony Towns would be coming off the bench with all these guys. So you got Embiid. You've got Kyrie. You've got LeBron, maybe Kevin Love. And then what?

So we've got to do it this way. The only thing, we'll have a draft, like a real draft. So like on Friday--

That was another thing I said. I said, maybe if the draft was televised and this was something that I would have-- my answer may be different.

- I agree. So let's get back to the real games. LeBron's team, as we just spoke about in our previous topic, just made a trade that turned them upside down at the deadline. What shot are you giving them to defeat the Warriors in the final?

- That was a strong question. I thought you was going to ask me something about how they look in the East. Well, you going to go all the way there to the Warriors--

- I'm going all the way.

- in the finals. How do you know you the Warriors are going to be in the finals--

- I don't.

- --rather than the Rockets?

- That's a fair question.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. Tell him, weezy.

- But um--

- You know what, the way James Harden played last night, when the lights got too bright, I'm not sure it's going to be the Rockets.

- Honestly, I think they give the Rockets a go. I mean, I'm sorry. They give the Warriors a go. I think the Cavs will give the Warriors are go in the finals because of LeBron and because of his experience. And we also understand that this would be a play-- a guy that's there that's lost to the Warriors.

No matter who is around him, if he get back to that point against that team we've got to-- we just got to consider the fact that that's who they're playing against, LeBron. I don't know who else they're playing. They playing against LeBron in the finals again, we got to worry about what he gonna do.

- But what we've seen lately from the Warriors--

LIL WAYNE: That team is crazy.

- --is that they got the big three. And then you throw Draymond in there, Skip. But we haven't seen two of those guys go off at the same time. We see Steph when they played the Celtics on that Saturday night. He go for 48 they win. We see KD go for 50 against Dame Lillard. We haven't seen him put it together yet. We know what they're capable of. 'Cause here's the thing that you got to do.

How do you stop two of them? Because if two go off they do what they did to everybody. They lose one game in the playoffs last year. And that's what you're up against.

Now I do like the Cavs' chances because they got all these shooters. They could rotate. They can rotate multiple times. But the question is, if KD gets going, what do you with Steph and Klay? That's the problem that people have.

- But that's at their max. Now you've seen Cleveland re-energized, as I watch Golden State de-energize because they're not playing with the edge that they played with a year ago. When Kevin Durant rose and shown in the finals and said, I am better than you, LeBron James. It's time to pass the torch to me. And it happened. And they did it. And now they look like a team that's just spinning its wheels, trying to come back and win a back to back.

SHANNON SHARPE: Will you tell him-- will you tell him he ain't passed no torch? LeBron's still the man. Can you tell-- weezy, can you tell him? Because he won't listen to me. He'll listen to you.

- I saw the torch get passed right in LeBron's face cause he shot that three right in his face.

- Who'd he pass it to?

- To Kevin Durant who dribbled the ball up the floor and said, LeBron, I got something for you. And shot it right in his eyes. And it was over.

- Don't worry about it. It's all good. Wayne, we gonna go back in the back, you know, me and you.

LIL WAYNE: He didn't pass the torch. KD my dog.

SKIP BAYLESS: He is your-- I know.

- But Bryant ain't passed the torch. Bryant's still up there.

SKIP BAYLESS: Did you watch him in the 19 games before the trade deadline play the worst basketball of his career?

- You watch the guys around him too?

- I did. But again, if you're the best player on the planet, you've got to elevate that team a little better than he did. Because it was pathetic. It was almost unwatchable.

LIL WAYNE: It was terrible.

- And then his owner, that he despises, turned the whole thing around at the trade deadline. And that owner deserves to be executive of the year, as I told you.

LIL WAYNE: Yeah. Kobe a beast for that.

- Yeah. I mean, but he messed it up. Because he traded Kyrie to begin with. So he should've cleaned up the mess that he made.

- He cleaned up the mess. And I think it got even better than it was before.

- When people talk about, oh, don't cry over spilt milk. Yeah. You should cry if you spilled it in the first place. So clean it up.

SKIP BAYLESS: He cleaned it up.

LIL WAYNE: I don't look at it that way.

SHANNON SHARPE: What you-- Isai-- you seen Isaiah, what Isaiah was doing. You saw that, Wayne.

- I don't look at it that way, as he is cleaning-- cleaning up spilled milk. I look at it as, you know, Kyrie wanted to leave. So we gonna let Kyrie do what we have to do. We have to get whatever we gonna get back from him. What we got back from him was Isaiah. Sorry, Bryant, this is what we did. I'm gonna do my best with this. OK, Isaiah.

You know what, Bryant? I'm going to show you what I can do now as Kobe. Bong. This is what I can do. You know what? Bryant just forgot there wasn't even ever a Kyrie all of a sudden. He's playing like a kid in the candy store.


- So I don't look at it like he cleaned up spilled milk. I look at it like he just redid the whole kitchen and showed Bryant this is how it goes.

SKIP BAYLESS: That's true.

- Wayne, how about this? Check this out. You know something about-- you want to leave. And the man won't let you go with willing. Why he won't let you go, Wayne? Cause you want to leave. Cause he wants something don't mean you get it, do it? OK then. I'm done with it.

SKIP BAYLESS: You're still hurt over that, aren't you?

- Yeah. I'm hurt.

SKIP BAYLESS: You will not let that go.

- As a matter of fact, I had a conversation with Kyrie on Fri-- on Friday night. I'm not going to get into the gist of what we talked about. But let's just--

SKIP BAYLESS: Why not? Spill it.

- How about this here. Let's just say he heard everything that I said. So oh, this trade's still leaving, huh? Oh, you think-- oh, Cleveland got the better end of that deal.

- Oh. So what? You inspired Kyrie?

- Oh. No, no, no. Oh. Everything that I've said on here, about that trade, oh, he heard it. He heard it. And he was telling me verbatim what I actually said. I like, Ky you special. I don't know if I'm special. I mean, because, you know, Isaiah-- me and Isaiah we right here like this, right? I'm like, no. Put your hand down. You up here. He down here.

- Oh. He heard that you stopped calling him Unk and started him Kyrie again.

- I'm like, we might link back up. We might see you in Boston. Ain't no guarantee. We might go to Boston.

- So Dan Gilbert, the executive of the year, not only cleaned it up-- you know, you say not spilled milk, but he kept the Brooklyn pick.


- He pulled off this whole trade and he kept the pick. So LeBron's got to say, wait a second, maybe I should just stay here.

LIL WAYNE: Stay here.

- We might get us-- might get us a Bagley. We might get us one of them big-- that big dude from Texas or one from Arizona.

- Y'all better get him somethin'-- y'all better get him something else too. Because I don't know. You know, you get to that age where he at, man. It's all about something-- it's all about something more. The game becomes-- the game-- the game becomes, you know, I am chasing my dream. Now I'm living my dream. And you know, now I'm waking up. And I want to wake up to something beautiful.


- And so you want to wake up to that-- to that sun, to that good weather, bro.