Shannon Sharpe on Malcolm Butler denying he broke team rules

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Shannon Sharpe tells Skip Bayless what he learned about Bill Belichick during recent conversations with some of his former defensive players and issues an apology to New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler.

- What does this say?

- Well, well, well.

- Hmm.

- Mm, mm, mm.

- Mm, mm, mm.

- Skip, Malcolm Butler just doubled down.


- He said, if you got the goods, put it out.

SKIP BAYLESS: He did. He dared him. Yep.

- And--

SKIP BAYLESS: Provide details.

- Yes. And you're looking at this-- I've talked to several guys that played defense for Coach Belichick, and the way he views it, if you ask a question you're challenging him. Coach Belichick gives you the game plan, you just follow it. Don't ask any questions because he should be above reproach when it comes to the defensive side of the football, Skip. He says, do you know what I've done-- some of the all-time great offenses, I've shut them down. So when he says play this, you don't ask why. You don't say, well what if they do this and we're in this defense? Don't ask him that because now you're challenging him. You think you know more than he does, and he doesn't like that.

Skip, after I read this, I think I might have to apologize for this young-- to Malcolm Butler. You remember in 2012? Bill Belichick cut Tiquan Underwood the night before the Super Bowl. The man had his entire family down there. He cut him the night before the Super Bowl. He brought a defensive lineman in because he said he needed insurance, and the guy never played a snap. So we know he's heartless. We know he's cold-blooded. But to-- to do this in this game-- in the game where Malcolm Butler became a household name. He only played 18 snaps. Kyle Arrington started the game, but Kyle Arrington started getting torched.


- I can assure you Coach Belichick really didn't have-- didn't think that Malcolm Butler was going to play that much in the game, but it warranted it. I get it. Maybe he was struggling in practice. Maybe you don't like the attitude because we know he hold grudges. He never forgave Jamie Collins for that-- the 2015 AFC championship game where he gave up two touchdowns because he was [INAUDIBLE] when he got him looking in the backfield twice.

SKIP BAYLESS: I remember it well.

- And he never forgave Jamie Collins for that.

SKIP BAYLESS: And he was out.

- He was out. And so, Malcolm Butler has been upset about Gilmore getting $45 million guaranteed. And it affected his play. Because those are things that we can control, our thoughts and our play. He let his thoughts affect his play. Coach Belichick knows this. He knows he's not going to sign him.

But here is the thing, Skip. He's suppressing this man's free agent market because people that's going to make these decisions to sign Malcolm Butler are like, what did he do so bad that Coach Belichick wouldn't start him? OK, he doesn't start. What would he do so bad after seeing Nick Foles throw for 215 and a touchdown at the half that he wouldn't even put him in the game? Does-- does Coach Belichick understand the-- the cloud that he just placed over this young man? If you don't want me, Skip, if you don't want me, just let me go, but don't muddy the water as I leave. Don't have this cloud of suspicion with people looking at me like I've done something so egregious that I'm not going to play. The two previous playoff games, Malcolm Butler played 100% of the snaps. How do you go from 100 to 0 in two weeks?

- Great question.

- Coach Belichick is the only one. I don't believe any other head coach could do what he did and not offer a sound explanation. Because basically Coach Belichick said it's a coach's decision. We went with the player-- I went with who I thought gave us the best chance of winning. He's the only one that could say that and get away with it, Skip. Malcolm Butler doubled down, said if you got the goods, show it. And Tom Brady say, yeah we love you, Malcolm. A lot of these guys-- and there are a lot of guys that like the post. Marcus Cannon is on this roster.