Shannon Sharpe reacts to the Chiefs trading QB Alex Smith to Washington for a reported 4-year/$94M contract

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Shannon Sharpe reacts to the first blockbuster trade of 2018, where the Kansas City Chiefs traded QB Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins for a long term 4-year, 94 million contract.

- I don't think it's a great move, or even a good move, for Washington. Because I believe all you've done, Skip, is that-- you're on the market for a new car. And all you did was get an older version of the car that you had. It's hard for me to believe-- and at the best, at the absolute best, all Washington did was a lateral move.

It's hard for me to believe that Alex Smith is better than Kirk Cousins. What we've seen from Alex Smith throughout his career, when he has a sound running game, and he's not the dependent guy that you don't need him to drop back and throw the ball a lot of times, he can play well. You look at him this year. When Kareem Hunt rushed for 90 or more yards, he was 7 and 0. When that didn't happen, he was 2 and 6.

We saw they get up to this great start because Kareem Hunt was having a historic pace, as far as rushing and receiving the football. He dipped and his production dipped during the middle of the season. They nose dived. He picked back up. They picked back up. Kareem Hunt ended up leading the NFL in rushing. What we saw with Alex Smith in San Francisco, Skip, when Frank Gore was running the football, they were a very good team. Alex Smith played well.

- You say that about every quarterback.

SHANNON SHARPE: Uh, Aaron Rodgers didn't need it. Tom Brady doesn't have it. Drew Brees doesn't have it. Skip-- but this what I don't understand with this move, though. You're saying the 29-year-old-- you could have had Alex Smith, Skip, for about 60, 65 million two years ago, three years ago. Now, this would have been a bargain deal because you just gave Alex Smith-- they were going to release Alex Smith. There's no way. They saved $17 million.

And you're only bidding against yourself because everybody knows they're going to release him. You don't move up 17 spots to take a guy at that position, and then have him sit for two years. He played well. You saw it enough the last game of the season in Denver. Your like, you know what, Patrick Mahomes is ready to play.

Skip, I don't like this move. I don't know what Kirk Cousins did to Daniel Snyder or Bruce Allen, but this doesn't make sense to me. You wouldn't give Kirk Cousins $65 million guaranteed, $100 million, basically $20 million a year on a five-year deal, but you just gave Alex Smith, who will turn 34 in about five or six months, 71 guaranteed? Skip, this makes no sense to me. But it's Washington. It explains a lot.