Skip Bayless predicts a Boston vs Golden State NBA Finals

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In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless talks Stephen Curry scoring 49 points in Golden State's 109-105 win against the Celtics. Plus, Skip explains why he thinks the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors will meet in NBA Finals.

- Silly me. And I know it was just late January. And to Matt's point, haven't even gotten to that stretch run yet. That looked and felt like a finals preview to me. That's what it felt like. When I finally turned my television off, I said, whoa.

SHANNON SHARPE: That was a ball game.

- That was a showcase of a show that those two put on. And to Kevin Durant's credit, he said after the game-- and you know these guys very well-- when that starts happening, you just get out the way.

- That's it.

- And that's what he said. He got out of the way. And to his credit, it's not that easy for a man of that stature-- the finals MVP-- to say, I'm out. you guys do this-- I'm gonna [INAUDIBLE]

- Handle it.

- --this one.

- Handle it.

- Yeah.

- Well, that's what sets this team apart is all three of those guys will do that.

- They will.

- And I've seen them do it at different times.

- Yeah.

- You know, where Klay wasn't scoring that much in the finals. But guarding Kyrie-- it--it--

- Just unbelievable.

- --one night and two stars have a night off. Any one of those guys can get you 60. And no other team in the world can do that. If Kyrie has an off night--


- --the last year in the finals, it's a sweep. You know what I mean? If Kyrie has a off night here, they lose by 50. And I think the Warriors' principle is that we had a hard time stopping him last year. And everyone has a hard time stopping him. You're willing to give up 60 to Kyrie, as long as we-- as long as the Warriors win.


- You know, Kyrie's numbers don't matter if you don't win.


- So hell of a guy to stop. The bet-- probably the best one-on-one player in the game. But like I said, any given night, Steph, Klay, or K.D. can give you 50 or 60 points, and that's what [INAUDIBLE].


- I got it. But were deep enough into this basketball season, I believe that Boston's ability to defend is not an aberration or a fluke.

- No.

- I don't think so. I think it's real.

- Yeah.

- And I think that young head coach is pretty good at what he does on the defensive end.

- Very good

- OK?

- [INAUDIBLE] the chip on their shoulder.

- They are.

- They're playing a real tough-minded team.

- And he has-- he has assembled a bunch of pieces that are interchangeable-- long pieces-- all of a sudden, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown-- they kind of look like the same guy.

- And that's what makes them-- that's what makes them so good because they got Tatum. They got Rozier.


- They got Smart.


- They got all--

SKIP BAYLESS: But the other night, they didn't have Smart. But go ahead.

- But here's the thing, though. I'll give Kyrie 37. I'll give him 40. But I ain't gonna give him 11 assists.


- I'll give him 4 assists.

MAN: Mm-hm.

And And see therein lies the dilemma.

MAN: Right.

- See, the problem with-- when you deal with LeBron, LeBron gonna get you 40, and still give you 12 if that's what--

- I don't know about the 40.

- Oh, don't do that, Skip, baby. You--


- Did-- did you see the 57--


- --when he was at the Smithsonian? He say, you want to go see the Black History Museum at the Smithsonian?

- Is LeBron going to hang-- hang 57 on Golden State? Is that what you're saying, or--

- Well, we've seen him put 40.

- It's possible.

- We've see him put 44-- 41-- do you not remember when he had-- when Kyrie was down, and Kevin Love was out, and then the second best player on his roster was Dellavedova? Think about what-- you letting that sink in just one second.

- He's in his 15th year. And I--I see night after night, he's starting to run out of a little gas.

- Yeah.


- [INAUDIBLE] time. Yeah.

- Well, he-- hey, did you see last night-- that 25 and 14?

- Mm-hm.

- Hell, he having an affair with Miss Triple Dub right under Savannah's nose 'Cause he at work. She don't know She just think he at work. And he out there on a date with Miss Triple Dub.

- Detroit started Anthony Tolliver, Reggie Bullock, and Ish Smith back-to-back after getting blown out by Oklahoma City in Detroit.


- And you're going to take that to your LeBron bank?